NBME Troubleshooting Guide

Preparing the test day computer:

The following items are required for successful test delivery:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 9 or higher
  • Google Chrome*
  • Mozilla Firefox*
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • CSS Enabled
  • Pop-ups Enabled

*Chrome and Firefox support is limited to the current version plus one previous version

In addition to these requirements, the NBME recommends:

  • A wired Internet connection be used to ensure there are no connectivity interruptions
  • A backup computer is available and certified so that, if a computer has issues during the exam, the student can resume their exam using the backup computer. 
  • Contacting the UGME office for their guidance.

Trouble Shooting issues with Workstation Certification:

If you have tried to certify a Laptop or other device and you have not been able to launch the practice test, it is likely that a recording application or process has been detected during the certification process. By following the instructions below you can run a diagnostic test to reveal the name of the app and how to disable it, thereby ensuring the readiness of your computer.

Step 1: Email the UGME Office technical support staff, providing a preferred phone number and time for a certification assistance support call. [ugme.assessment@med.mun.ca]
Step 2: Perform the instructions for device readiness
Step 3: Take part in the support call

Device readiness:
Before the call restart your computer then turn off all apps - other than your web browser [Including link, skype for business, zoom, etc..] Some of these load automatically.

Disable the following programs:

  • Disable any cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote)
  • Bluetooth is turned OFF.
  • Disable web communications apps.
  • Mac: disable built in Mac recording software/running process: Image Capture extension, imagent Open Activity Monitor, select the Go menu from the desktop and click Utilities. Click Activity Monitor and select the running process from the list. Click Quit Process and then Quit to disable the running process.
  • Windows PC: disable antivirus programs  Open Task Manager, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard, and then click Task Manager: Click the Processes tab and select the running process from the list. Click End Process to disable the running process.

During the support call:

Access the following URL. The support person will provide you with a ticket number for the purpose of troubleshooting your machine. Together you will work through the steps provided by the NBME software after entering the ticket number. This process will display the detected application on the computer to be used for testing. Follow the on-screen instructions. To complete the check on your computer, launch the sample exam when prompted.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Workstation Certification and the Secure Browser is available via the FAQs link on the Workstation Certification utility.

Go to http://wbt.nbme.org/exam

  • Read and accept the “Secure Browser Security Notice” to move to the download instructions page.
  • Download a secure browser


  • Click the Secure Browser for Windows PC link. Examinees will be given the option to run the application immediately to open the Secure Browser or save the application to the desktop.
  • In Internet Explorer, click Run and then click Run again on the resulting pop-up to launch the Secure Browser.
  • In Firefox and Chrome, click Save if prompted and select the Secure Browser icon from the Downloads window to run it.


  • Click the Secure Browser for Macs link.
  • Click the Download button on the resulting pop-up.
  • The Downloads window appears. The application takes about 30 seconds to download depending on the network connection at the site.
  • Double-click the Mac Secure Browser icon in the “Downloads” window. If more than one icon appears in the window, double click the icon with the current date.
  • Launch
  • Select “Workstation Certification”
  • Select “Technical Support Staff Workstation Certification”
  • Enter ticket number [provided by UGME] and click Submit
  • Enter the workstation ID and click Check this Computer
  • If a message pops up, click OK
  • Click Launch Sample Exam
  • Click Ctrl-Shift-Q to exit

If you get a popup saying that the secure browser can’t load because a banned process is running, stop the process and try again. In that case, please note that the process will have to be stopped in order to deliver the exam on test day.