Respectful Learning Environment

All medical students and residents (learners) are entitled to interact in an environment that stresses acceptance, values diversity, requires respect for dignity and the interests of others, and is free from any form of harassment. The Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education policy outlines the expectations, guidelines, and processes that are intended to support individuals and sustain a respectful learning environment free from intimidation and harassment in Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) and Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) at Memorial University.

Students who believe they have been mistreated and subjected to disrespectful behaviour such as physical, sexual or emotional harrassment should contact the Student Wellness Coordinator at (709) 864-6349 or toll free at 1-877-794-9740. To address disrespectful behaviour that violates the Respectful Learning Environment outlined in the policy above, the Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education procedure describes the appropriate steps to be taken.