Parental Leave

Students are entitled to take parental leave associated with the birth or adoption of a child. A pregnant student may request to commence parental leave up to eight (8) weeks prior to the expected date of delivery. The maximum parental leave allowed is fifty-two (52) weeks. Return to Duty is negotiated between the student and the Phase Lead.


A pregnant medical student may request parental leave commencing not earlier than

eight weeks prior to the expected date of delivery. A maximum of 52 consecutive weeks will be allowed.

The clerkship discipline co-ordinator or Phase 4 Lead may require a pregnant student to commence parental leave if the state of her health becomes incompatible with her duty requirements. Depending on the length of the leave, parental leave may be processed via university and faculty regulations for student withdrawal. 

Parental leave may be approved retroactively in special circumstances, but in all cases a leave request form must be completed and submitted to the UGME office. Documentation of pregnancy should include a doctor’s note with estimated date of delivery where applicable. 

Student Action Required
Normally, if the parental leave is not exceeding minimum attendance requirements for a course (25% or less of non-attendance), the student requests the leave in advance through the completion of a leave request form (as outlined in the respective Requesting Leave page). Students should provide as much notice to the UGME office as is reasonably possible. 

In cases where parental leave is in excess of the minimum attendance requirements for a course (over 25% of non-attendance), the student must express the intent to temporaily withdraw from the MD program in writing to the Dean of Medicine.

Students may contact the Learner Wellness Counsultant at 864-6349 or in-person at the Office for Learner Well-Being and Success for support with parental leave.