Mandatory Procedures and Clinical Experiences

During the Core Experiences course, students are required to complete certain mandatory procedures and gain experience in certain clinical encounters (prescribed clinical experiences) for each discipline. 

Prescribed Clinical Experiences
Students are required to record any completed clinical experiences using Tres. 
Emergent Patient Presentations in Emergency Medicine
Clinical Experiences in Internal medicine
Clinical Experiences in Obstetrics and gynecology
Clinical Experiences in Pediatrics
Clinical Experiences in Psychiatry
Clinical Experiences in Rural family medicine
Clinical Experiences in Surgery

Mandatory Procedures
Students are required to record any completed mandatory procedures using Tres. The expected behaviours (e.g. managing complications, describing indications/contraindications) that students should display when completing any procedure are outlined on the procedures list:
List of Mandatory Procedures
List of Optional Procedures

Students should take advantage of all learning opportunities for mandatory procedures. If a learning need for any mandatory procedure is identified, students should approach their preceptor to arrange further practice for that procedure.  

Performance of mandatory procedures is also assessed during the Advanced Procedural Competencies course. Students should review the following checklists as they are completing procedures during the Core Experiences rotations:
Arterial Blood Gas Checklist
Bag Valve Mask Ventilation Checklist
Performance of ECG Checklist
IM Injection Checklist
IV Insertion Checklist
Suturing Checklist