Academic Progress and Promotion

The pass criteria for each course of the undergraduate medical education program are outlined in the respective course assessment plan for Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4. The assessment plan sets out the principles and key elements used to assess the learner’s performance in an accurate, consistent, and objective manner for each course.

Assessment regulations
Each learner is expected to complete the work of the class as described in the current regulations of the Faculty of Medicine for each Phase of the program and to pass the prescribed academic and professional assessments.
It is the responsibility of the learner to consult immediately with the appropriate Phase Lead regarding any assessment in which concerns about performance have been expressed and to notify the appropriate Phase Lead immediately of any new or pre-existing circumstances that could affect the learner’s individual performance in the work of the class.

For complete details on the assessment regulations, refer to the Assessment section of the University Calendar. The relevant Faculty of Medicine policies and procedures regarding assessment are listed here. 

The Promotions Committee, a standing committee of Faculty Council, decides whether learners will be promoted to the next Phase and whether learners are eligible to graduate. The Promotions Committee reviews all assessments for all learners in each Phase and the decisions of the committee are based on that review.

Within each Phase, learners may be required to reassess or remediate in order to demonstrate competence and understanding of the required learning objectives. The quantity and quality of remediation and reassessment required for each learner is at the discretion of the appropriate Phase Management Team. Learners with a Fail grade in any course cannot be promoted to the next Phase. Furthermore, even in the absence of any Fail grades, a student for whom substantial concerns about performance have been expressed may either be required to repeat the Phase or required to withdraw conditionally or unconditionally.

A learner has the right to make a formal appeal against a decision of the Promotions Committee. Refer to the University Calendar section 10.5 Promotion for complete information on student promotion within the Doctor of Medicine program.