Clerks On-Call

On-call Duty Hours and Designated Shift Work

Learners who are on-call after midnight are not normally expected to work past noon the following day.

After twenty-four (24) consecutive hours of service, learners must be excused from new consults and clinic duties.

On-call duties and designated shift work end at midnight on the eve of an official break (e.g., call ends at 2359h on the 17th of the month, when the break period commences on the 18th of the month). Refer to the Breaks and Vacation section for a list of official breaks.

On-call duties or shift work cannot start on a Holiday, but the end of on-call duties or shift work can fall on a Holiday.

Academic Half-Days post call or following overnight designated shift work are mandatory.​

Learners must not be scheduled for on-call or shift duties after 1700 hours on the day before an examination.

Despite a local University closures, learners are required to report for call and shift duties. ​

*Learners are advised to use discretion and judgement when weather conditions are so severe as to make travel unduly risky and impact personal safety. Should the weather conditions prevent or delay a learner to report for on call and shift duties, the learner must advise their preceptor, supervising staff or resident of their absence or late arrival.

For complete details regarding call and shift duties, refer to the Protect Time and Duty Hours policy. 

Any violations regarding on-call and shift duties outlined in the policy should be reported to the Phase 4 Lead