Responsibilities Post-Core Electives & Selectives

Responsibilities for Electives and Advanced Practice Integration courses

During Electives & Selectives, students are expected to:

  • Prepare specific objectives in advance of your rotation and discuss these with your preceptor upon arrival.
  • Attend the orientation session for each elective/selective.
  • Attend regularly scheduled departmental rounds and clinical responsibilities in a timely fashion.
  • Actively seek good learning opportunities, be keen and pleasant.
  • Be familiar with the UGME guidelines outlined in the Handbook.
  • Ensure Summative ITARs are completed by the preceptor before the end of the Elective/Selective.
  • Agree or disagree with assessments of your performance using One45.
Assessment Obligation

Prior to the completion of your Elective/Selective, you must make an appointment to meet with your preceptor a few days before you leave so that the assessment form (i.e. summative ITAR) can be completed. Students will receive the assessment form on One45 and need to distribute the form to their preceptor. Assessments must be received within 6 weeks of the placement completion date. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure the evaluation reports are completed on the One45 system.

Contact for any assessment questions regarding Advanced Practice Integration (Selectives) and for any assessment questions regarding Electives. 


In addition, the following general responsibilities for all medical students apply:

  • Check Brightspace (D2L) and MUN email daily for updates and announcements;
  • Display professional attitudes and behaviours; refer to the Professionalism Page for more details. 
  • Report absences to your preceptor and the UGME office. Refer to the Leave Requests page for detailed information. 
  • Seek help early from faculty, the Student Affairs office or the UGME office;
  • Know your rights and be familiar with the Regulations and Policies for Memorial University and the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Voice general concerns through class representatives;
  • Participate in peer, course and instructor evaluation.