Sick Leave

Sick Leave may be approved retroactively, but in all cases a Leave Request Form must be completed and submitted to the UGME office. Absence of more than five consecutive days must be duly authenticated, normally by a doctor’s note. Absences of shorter duration may require authentication at the request of the Phase Lead. For absences from learning experiences/activities that require mandatory attendance, students are governed by University Regulation 6.15.6 Information Required in Certificates from Health Professionals.

Student Action Required

  • At a minimum, the UGME office must be contacted​​
    • Students in Phases 1-3: call 709-864-6305 (or toll free 1-855-884-8463) or email
    • Students in Phase 4: call 709-864-6293 (or toll free 1-855-884-8463) or email
  • Complete the "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form and submit it to the UGME office as outlined in the respective Requesting Leave page. The form has to be submitted no later than the first day upon return to duty.
  • Students in Phase 4 must contact their preceptor as well as the person to whom they are to report to that morning directly either by email or phone. This is considered appropriate and professional behavior. 
    • ​Having an email acknowledgement of your day off is beneficial, in that you can submit this to the UGME along with your Medical Student Leave Request form.
    • It is also recommended that students notify the discipline APA of their absence. However, contacting the APA does not excuse students from contacting their preceptor.