Leave in Special Circumstances

Despite approval of the leave, credit for a course will not be awarded when minimum attendance expectations are not met. For rotations of the Core Experiencs course as well as Electives/Selectives, credit can be awarded only when a student participates in 75% or more of the sessions. Similar minimum attendance requirements are described in the relevant sections of the Handbook for other courses, including but not limited to Clinical Skills, Community Engagement, and Phase 4 Preparation.

Written explanation of the circumstances related to the leave and other supporting documentation as requested by the Phase Lead.


Student Action Required

  1. Complete the "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form and submit it to the UGME office as outlined in the respective Requesting Leave page. The form has to be submitted no later than the first day upon return to duty.
  2. Students in Phase 4 are strongly encouraged to contact their supervisor, preceptor or resident directly; this is considered appropriate and professional behavior. 
  3. It is most desirable that students present their leave requests at the beginning of the Phase/rotation to avoid the creation of conflicts in learning/clinical responsibilities. Unless otherwise indicated, students must ensure that all clinical duties (including call), are covered for the duration of the leave.‚Äč