Applying for Selectives and Electives

Before applying for Selectives or Electives, students should carefully read the information provided below.

Applications for MUN Electives/Selectives must be completed via the AFMC Student Portal.
The International Elective/Selective Form is also available online.

Learning opportunities at MUN-affiliated sites (NL, NB and PEI) 

Please refer to the Electives/Selectives Catalogue document for a list of current learning sites. 
Please refer to the Research Electives document for information on Research Electives.

Application Deadlines 

Applications must be received at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the commencement date for:

  • Rural Selective rotations in NL, NB and PEI
  • Rural Selective rotations in the rest of Canada
  • P2P Selective in NL, NB and PEI

Applications for P2P will be accepted starting January of the year for which it is applied.  We suggest early application due to the extent of coordination necessary for P2P rotations. 

Applications must be received at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the commencement date for:

  • Elective rotations in NL, NB and PEI
  • Elective rotations in the rest of Canada
  • Selective rotations in NL, NB and PEI in Surgery and Non-Core disciplines
  • Selective rotations outside the province of NL

Applying to Institutions outside MUN-affiliated sites (NL, NB and PEI) 

Canadian Institutions

  • Apply to the host institution via (Each University has its own criteria which should be outlined on their website or the University’s application page of the National Student Portal) Applications are accepted between 26 and 16 weeks of the requested elective start date.  
  • Apply to provincial licencing authority as per institution guidelines.
  • Once you are confirmed, submit your MUN application as previously outlined.
  • Send email confirmation to or depending on whether you are using the rotation as an elective or selective.
  • Arrange your own housing
  • Arrange your own travel

Non-Canadian Institutions

  • Meet with the Global Health Coordinator, Beverly Edwards to discuss the possibility of an international rotation.
  • Complete the International Elective & Selective Form and submit to the UGME office.
  • The Global Health Coordinator will contact the student and provide necessary waivers and risk management documents.
  • Students must sign the Code of Conduct and Ethics Agreement for International Training Placements and begin working on a Global Health Elective & Selective Checklist. These should be returned to the Global Health Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Pre-departure training will be arranged and the requirements for waivers and checklists for the University must be completed and submitted.
  • The Global Health Office will notify UGME once requirements have been met.
  • The Elective or Selective Coordinator will meet with the Global Health office to approve or decline the application.
  • Please allow at least three months for completion of the process.  We recommend 6 months lead time to ensure adequate time for pre-departure arrangements.  All requirements must be met and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any requirements for the receiving institution are understood and completed in advance.
  • Please visit the Global Health website for more information (under maintenance). 
  • Any questions can be addressed to or

UGME Approval

Completion of the above procedures and documentation is necessary to ensure:
1.    Registration in the Electives/Selectives course
2.    Malpractice coverage, and
3.    Credit for the rotation.
4.    Registration with the local College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Upon confirmation the rotation will be entered on the One45 scheduling system and the student will receive an email confirmation of the rotation. (MUN accounts only).


Occasionally, unforeseen life events arise making it necessary for a student to change or cancel a Selective/Elective rotation.  The UGME staff is very supportive in assisting students who must change or cancel a rotation for a valid reason.  However, in general, students are encouraged to consider the professional and coordination implications of canceling/changing a rotation.  Host Institutions also have guidelines for cancelation that should be adhered to.  Generally, students should notify Memorial UGME, and for Selectives/Electives at non-MUN affiliated sites, the host institution, and preceptor when a confirmed Selective/Elective rotation is canceled.  Professionalism and courtesy should be the guidelines in these circumstances.

If a rotation must be cancelled or changed, your intention to cancel must be emailed to for an Elective or for a Selective, a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the start of the rotation.