Withdrawal & Return to Duty

As per Faculty of Medicine Regulations, all learners intending to seek voluntary withdrawal should first consult with the Learner Wellness Consultant. The learner will then participate in a meeting with their Phase Lead and the Learner Wellness Consultant. A written request must be submitted to the Dean of Medicine to finalize the petition. 

For those learners wishing to return to medical school at a future date, some preparatory work may be required before the student is permitted to return.

Learners permitted to withdraw are advised of the date upon which they are required to resume medical studies and of any conditions that must be met to the Faculty of Medicine’s satisfaction before a return to medical studies is permitted. In the absence of good cause, any such student who does not resume studies by the specified date will be deemed to have left the program.

Return to Duty

Clerks who were permitted to withdraw may return to medical studies, provided all conditions of the withdrawal are satisfied and that a written request was received by the Phase 4 Lead one month in advance of the preferred return date, or one month in advance of the stated deadline, whichever is earlier.