Advanced Practice Integration

MED8740 Advanced Practice Integration

The Advanced Practice Integration course* is composed of traditional and non-traditional Selectives (Progression to Postgraduate). Both options comprise 12 weeks of directed clinical learning and are intended to diversify the medical learning experience. This enables students to be assigned to a physician, physician group or discipline for experiences that focus on following patients as they interact with the health care system. 

For traditional Selectives students are required to complete

  • four (4) consecutive weeks in a rural site in one of the core disciplines for the Rural Core Selective,
  • two (2) 2 week selectives or one 4 week selective for the Surgery Selective and
  • two (2) different 2 week Non-core Selectives.
​For more information refer to the Selectives Options document.

A rural site is defined as having a population of less than 50,000 people and not within a one-hour commute of a population centre exceeding 100,000.  Please contact if your chosen site does not comply with this definition.

The Surgery Selective may be completed in any subspecialty listed on the Surgery webpage.  To ensure diversity of your electives/selectives students must have at least 8 weeks of non-surgery selectives/electives in at least 2 different disciplines.

The Non-core Selectives are specialties that were not covered during the Core Experiences course and must be non-surgical. 

The assessment for traditional Selectives utilizes a summative In Training Assessment Report (ITAR) at the end of the rotation. 

For non-traditional Selectives, students complete the Progression to Postgraduate (P2P) selective. P2P is a generalist, community-based option consisting of mandatory clinical experiences set within a longitudinal, integrated rotation. This option enables students to be assigned to a physician, physician group or discipline and provides an enriched transition from clerkship to residency. Credit for the P2P course is equivalent to credit for completing all ‘traditional’ selectives.

The assessment for P2P consists of both a formative/mid-rotation and summative/end of rotation ITAR and also utilizes clinic cards and field notes.  

P2P is currently offered in the following sites:

  • NL - Burin, Carbonear, Goose Bay, Clarenville, when available.
  • NB - Fredericton, Waterville, Saint John, Moncton, when available.
  • PEI - Summerside, when available.
  • By design, other sites/options may be considered. 

For more information about this course contact

*AR: attendance is required

  CH: 12