Course Descriptions

5710 Patient I 

Introduces leaners to themes integrating physician competencies and clinical skills with basic and clinical sciences as they relate to common clinical encounters and patient symptoms. Learners will begin to examine their future roles as professionals in our health care system.

5720 Clinical Skills I 

Introduces learners to the main elements of the medical interview and techniques of interviewing. Learners will develop skills in examining individuals within all age ranges. Communication and collaboration skills will be developed in the context of patient-centered care and working with other health care providers.

5730 Physician Competencies I 

Introduces learners to concepts that encompass the non-medical expert physician roles of scholar, communicator, collaborator, advocate, leader and professional in the context of the patient, family and physician within health care systems.


5740 Community Engagement I 

Places learners in early clinical experiences with a family physician. Through a variety of sessions, students will also explore concepts of health and its determinants.