Attendance Guidelines

During Phases 1, 2, 3, attendance at all scheduled sessions is expected, but is mandatory when a session includes skills development or student assessment (e.g., quiz, examination, lab skills, lab report). Missing sessions with skills development or assessments may lead to failure in the course. During the Phase a session may be deemed mandatory in order to facilitate cohort remediation. 

Cancellation of sessions

If Memorial University's St. John's campus is closed, sessions and assessments will be cancelled for the duration of the closure. 

Campus-wide closure announcements for Memorial University are shared via the MUN Safe App

If a lecturer is not present for a session at the scheduled time, learners must wait in the assigned room for 15 minutes. Should the lecturer fail to arrive within 15 minutes, a learner representative must notify the UGME office as soon as is reasonably possible.  

Missing Mandatory Sessions or Assessments

Any non-attendance must be reported to the UGME office by submitting a Medical Learner Leave & Assessment Deferral form. Even in cases of approved leave requests, learners must meet minimum attendance expectations in order to achieve a passing grade for a course. Specific limitations exisit around attendance at Clinical Skills sessions. Similarly, minimum attendance requirements are outlined in the Assessment Plans for each course.In cases where prolonged absences occur, or are anticipated, learners may choose to withdraw temporarily for medical, educational or other personal reasons .

Scheduled Time and Breaks

Sessions may be regularly scheduled from 0900h until 1600h Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 0900h – 1200h on Tuesday.

Learners will have scheduled breaks from curricular and/or patient care activities as follows:

  • One hour between 1200 – 1400 hours on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday;
  • University statutory holidays (see Key Dates and Holidays)

The schedules are subject to change. Exceptions to the protected times outlined above may be made at the discretion of the Associate Dean, UGME, in consultation with the Assocaite Dean, Learner Well-Being & Success, when missed sessions or assessment must be cancelled as a result of emergency closures. 


  • Fall semester mid-term break* in November (dates unique to Faculty of Medicine)
  • Year-end holiday break* (not less than one week at the end of the calendar year)
  • Spring break* (at least one week break)
  • Summer break* (at least eight weeks break)

Key Dates and Holidays