Progress Testing

Progress testing is used to assess clinical knowledge during the Core Experiences course (Core):

  • Written multiple-choice exam administered to all learners in Phase 4 core at the same time and at regular intervals: at the start of Core (0 months), 4 months, 8 months and in the last month of Core.
  • The first three examinations are formative, the last examination is summative. 
    • Each learner will receive individualized feedback from the formative examinations to guide future study.
    • Learners with low performance scores on exam 2and 3, relative to their peers, will receive coaching to address their educational needs. The initial exam is a baseline and will not be followed by coaching.
  • Learners who do not pass the summative examination will remediate prior to fourth year.
  • The summative examination will not be reported on the MSPR.  

​For exam dates, pass scores and other details, refer to the Core Experiences assessment plan. Exams are written at designated exam sites, including some of the distributed teaching sites (e.g. New Brunswick and PEI). Learners will be informed by the UGME office regarding their exam time and exam site. For questions regarding the scheduling of the exam, contact

Learner are responsible for the cost of travel to their designated exam site.

As outlined in the Attendance Guidelines, learners must not be scheduled for duty (including on-call and shift duties) after 1700h if they are taking an exam the following day. Learners may be scheduled for duty (including on-call and shift duties) once the exam is completed. The NBME Comprehensive Clinical Science examination is utilized for progress testing. Each examination consists of 200 multiple-choice questions based on the following content areas:

Sample questions are available in the Comprehensive Clinical Science section of the NBME Subject Examinations Content Outlines and Sample Items. Information about NBME and the Comprehensive Clinical Science examination can be found at the NBME Home Page.

NBME Troubleshooting Guide
This guide is useful for those wanting to run the practice exam or troubleshooting your workstation certification.