Decision Making at the UGME

The Undergraduate Medical Education team is led by the associate dean, Undergraduate Medical Education who contributes to both the governance and management of the MD Program.

The associate dean is a member of Faculty Council committees concerning Undergraduate Medical Education, including the Student Promotions Committee and the Undergraduate Medical Studies (UGMS) Committee. 

The associate dean also participates in meetings of the Phase Management Teams. 

Phase Management Teams
For each of the 4 Phases of the MD program there is a Phase Management Team overseeing the delivery of the curriculum as outlined in the University Calendar. The teams consists of a phase lead, content leads, curriculum specialists, two elected student representatives. As appropriate, Management Team meetings are also attended by non-voting, ex officio members such as the MD program co-ordinator, the assistant dean of Learner Well-Being and Success, and the learner wellness consultant. The Phase Management Leads report to the UGMS. Teams meet at least once per month during the running of the Phase.