Registration Requirements

How to Register

New & Returning Students should proceed to the Office of the Registrar page entitled Medicine Registration Procedures and read all the provided information. You are responsible for the accuracy of your registration.The registration times are listed in the Key Dates and Holidays section. 

Registration is completed via Memorial Self-Service. The courses for each Phase are listed below. You may also use the univeristy computer system to pay fees. The same rules and regulations with respect to registration and payment that apply to other university students also apply to medical students.
If you have any questions or encounter any diffculties in registering you should contact the Office of the Registrar at 709-864-4445.

Phase 3
MED 7710: The Patient: Chronic Conditions
MED 7720: Clinical Skills 3
MED 7730: Physician Compentencies 3
MED 7740: Phase 4 Preparation
MED 7750: Community Engagement 3