MED8730 Electives 

Electives* are offered in two to four week blocks in approved areas of study for a maximum of twelve weeks. Students may pursue electives locally, nationally or internationally (subject to approval by UGME). The Elective rotations provide an opportunity to carry out a suitable study program of choice - exploring areas of interest, and lays the groundwork for residency. 

Learning and assessment for this course focus on a balance of required and chosen EPAs to customize the learning plan for each learner, maximizing further learning opportunities and attainment of competency in Phase 4.

Career advice and planning is offered to students by the Electives Coordinator and the Student Affairs Office via the MedCAREERS program. For more information about this program, see the MedCAREERS Electives page. The page includes a list of physicians who have agreed to be an information source for students seeking details about their specialty. 

In line with the AFMC Electives Diversification Policy, elective opportunities cannot exceed a maximum of eight weeks in any single entry-level discipline. 

For more information about electives, contact ugme.electives@med.mun.ca

*AR: attendance is required 

  CH: 12