Student Responsibilities

During the Core Experiences course, students are expected to:

  • Attend the orientation session for each discipline.
  • Attend and prepare in advance for academic half day sessions.
  • Attend regularly scheduled departmental rounds and attend to clinical responsibilities in a timely fashion.
  • Submit a leave request form for any absence during a clinical block. Follow the steps outlines in the Leave Requests section
  • Actively seek good learning opportunities, be keen and pleasant.
  • Have an electronic clinic card completed and approved by the assigned resident/faculty member at least once a week. T-res is used for completing the electronic clinic cards.
    • ​Routinely open the Tres 2 app on a device connected to the internet. If a clinic card is completed on an offline device, the app needs to be opened while online in order for the card to become visible on Tres 2.
  • Attend the scheduled mid-point review meeting with the discipline clerkship co-ordinator or delegate.
  • Record prescribed clinical experiences in T-Res;
  • Record mandatory procedures in T-Res;
  • Agree or disagree with assessments of your performance (i.e. ITARs) using One45. Notify UGME of any disagreements vial email to or phone at 864-6293.
  • Be familiar with the UGME guidelines outlined in the Handbook.