Leave Requests

Any non-attendance, planned or unplanned, must be reported to the UGME office by submitting a Medical Learner Leave & Assessment Deferral form. All leave and assessment deferrals requests must be approved by the Phase Lead.

Note: The submission of a Medical Learner Leave & Assessment Deferral form does not guarantee approval of the request. Learners will be notified by the UGME team once the leave request has been approved or denied by the Phase Lead. Learners must not make reservations for travel, accommodations or registration prior to approval of the leave.

Phases 1, 2, & 3 learners are responsible for identifying mandatory sessions and assessments, and paying particular attention to Clinical Skills Leave Limits. Any uncertainty around mandatory sessions may be addressed via email to ugmephase123@mun.ca.

Phase 4 learners are responsible for requesting leave for all missed clinical learning experiences during scheduled duty hours, including weekend on-call and scheduled shifts. Written preceptor support is required (university or health authority email preferred) and missed time during a clinical learning experience may have to be rescheduled at the discretion of the Clerkship Discipline Coordinator in consultation with the Phase 4 Lead. Learners are required to complete, minimally, 75% of the scheduled duty hours in order to receive a passing grade for the course. Learners are required to submit leave requests for vacation during the final year.

Learners who require a prolonged absence may choose to Withdrawal & Return to Duty from the MD program for medical, educational or other personal reasons.

Leave Request Process

Complete the online Medical Learner Leave & Assessment Deferral form providing as much notice to the UGME office as is reasonably possible

*Learners requesting Leave from Phase 4 clinical learning experiences must provide written preceptor support as an attachment

The UGME team will contact the Phase Lead and communicate the approval or denail of the request to the learner.

In circumstances where advance notice is not possible (e.g. sick leave), learners must inform the UGME team by email (Phase 1, 2, and 3 ugmephase123@mun.ca or Phase 4 ugmephase4@mun.ca).

Leave Types

In addition to these leave types , Phase 4 learners may request up to two hours off service each week to attend to personal business. A leave request is not required but the learner must seek approval from the faculty preceptor prior the absence. 

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