Professional Development Leave

A medical learner in the first two years of the MD Program may request professional development leave when representing or presenting on behalf of Memorial University.  

Approval of professional development leave is at the discretion of the Phase Lead and is most likely when the learner’s involvement relates to scholarship or service in medicine. With the approval of the Phase 4 Lead, a learner may be granted leave up to seven (7) days throughout the duration of Phase 4 to participate in professional development activities (e.g. presentation at conferences). Learners must only submit abstracts and make any conference or travel arrangements after the professional development leave request has been approved by the Phase Lead.

At the time of the leave request, the learner must provide information about the professional development activity (e.g. conference). Learners must follow up with the Undergraduate Medical Education office to provide confirmation of their involvement on behalf of Memorial University once documentation becomes available (e.g., proof of abstract acceptance, proof of committee membership, proof of registration, etc.). 

Student Action Required

  1. Complete the "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form and submit it to the UGME office as outlined in the respective Requesting Leave page. Include details of the intended professional development activity and involvement on behalf of MUN.
  2. Learners in Phase 4 must advise the appropriate Clerkship Discipline Coordinator of their intent to pursue professional development leave.