Counselling Services

Learners requiring academic assistance such as study skills, exam anxiety or other related issues can get support through the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success. That page includes useful links for academic support and exam preparation. Learners are encouraged to speak with the Student Wellness Consultant to determine appropriate supports and services.

As outlined in the assessment regulations, it is the responsibility of the learner to consult immediately with the appropriate Phase Lead regarding any assessment in which concerns about performance have been expressed and to notify the appropriate Phase Lead immediately of any new or pre-existing circumstances that could affect the learner’s individual performance in the work of the class. See Academic Progress and Promotion section for more information. 

Learner Wellness
The Learner Wellness Consultant is available to meet with learners and to provide support. See On Campus Counselling for details on how to connect with the Learner Wellness Consultant and other campus supports. 

Emergency Services for Distressed Learners

inConfidence Employee and Family Assistance Program

Financial support is available through the Office of Learner Well-being and Success, for more information visit their Financial Information and Planning page

For more information regarding the career advising service through the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success, refer to the Career Advising page.