Bachelor of Commerce Co-operative Admission

New Students

To be eligible for admission, students must meet the general admission requirements for Memorial University. If entering the university from high school or with no post-secondary experience, applicants may apply for admission to the first year of this program, known as Terms A/B, which normally begins in September of each year.

Students may apply for admission to the program by indicating the B.Comm.(Co-op.) Terms A/B as the program of study on the Undergraduate Application for Admission/Readmission. Direct entry from high school is subject to the applicant’s final acceptance to the university and admissibility into Mathematics 1000, 1090 or 109A/B.

To meet promotion requirements to Term 1 Terms A/B students must complete the below 30 credit hours (10 courses), with a minimum overall average of at least 65%, in the first year:

  • English 1110 (or English 1021) and three additional credit hours in English
  • Business 1000
  • Economics 1010 and 1020
  • Mathematics 1000
  • Twelve credit hours in non-business electives*.

*Students who wish to complete the joint degrees of B.Comm.(Co-op.) and Bachelor of Arts are strongly advised to include courses in a second language and courses in the subject of the intended major program.

Current and Returning Memorial University Students

Students may apply for admission with advanced standing into academic terms beyond Terms A/B up to and including Term 4. Students applying for admission to a term beyond Terms A/B must have completed all of the academic courses required in the program up to that term, including the academic courses required in Terms A/B, with grades at least as high as those required to meet promotion requirements.

Admission is competitive and limited. Therefore, meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Students applying for admission with advanced standing must apply using the admissions menu within Memorial Self-Service, adhering to application deadlines.

Students admitted with advanced standing into Term 4 must complete:

  • Business 300W during Term 4,
  • Work Term 1 following Term 4,
  • Work Term 2 following Term 5 and Work Term 3 following Term

Students who intend to apply for advanced standing are encouraged to contact the Academic Programs Office for academic advice.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from another post-secondary institution may complete the Undergraduate Application for Admission/Readmission. It is important that transfer students apply with adequate time for receipt of documents and evaluation of transfer credits. It is recommended that students transferring from another institution consult with the Academic Programs Office for academic guidance on the appropriate term of entry into the program. Transfer students will be required to complete at least one semester with five courses or 15 credit hours before admission into the B.Comm(Co-op.).

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