FAQs: Program Requirements and Structure

What are the continuation and graduation requirements for the new programs?

The University Calendar is the final authority on all matters related to program continuance and graduation requirements.

What is the structure for each program?

Possible course sequencing of the bachelor of commerce and bachelor of commerce (co-operative) curriculum is available in the University Calendar.

Why are the professional development seminars non-credit? Do they count towards the completion of my degree?

The professional development seminars include hands-on, practical activities that complement academic programming and will be offered in partnership with Gardiner Centre. Although each of the seminars is self-standing, they’re interconnected to show students’ growth and development as they progress from introductory to mastery throughout the program.

The professional development seminars take less time to complete than a for-credit course. They don’t have a set class schedule and may be completed at your own pace. Students are required to successfully complete all of the professional development seminars in order to graduate but they don’t count towards academic credit for degrees.

Students in the B.Comm.(Co-op) program complete an additional professional development seminar to help them prepare for their work term.