FAQs: Program Features

What will first year look like?

As of Fall 2022, the new B.Comm. and B.Comm.(Co-op.) programs will have a common first year called Business One, which students must declare by contacting the Office of the Registrar at reghelp@mun.ca. Business One courses include:

  • BUSI 1000: Introduction to Business in Society
  • ECON 1010: Introduction to Microeconomics I
  • ECON 1020: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • MATH 1000: Calculus I or MATH 1005 Calculus for Business
  • 6 credit hours in English, 3 credit hours of which may be replaced by any critical reading and writing (CRW) course at Memorial
  • 12 credit hours in non-business electives

Both programs have competitive entry and common core and continuance requirements. Students must apply for admission into either the B.Comm. or B.Comm.(Co-op.) after completing Business One, depending on which program better fits their academic and professional objectives. Both programs require a minimum average of 65 per cent on the required Business One courses. There are promotion and advancement expectations in both programs.

All students in the new programs will also complete three non-credit professional development seminars offered in partnership with Gardiner Centre.

What are the differences between the new B.Comm. and B.Comm.(Co-op.)?

The B.Comm. is a 120 credit hour program with a flexible course structure. It may be completed full- or part-time and either on campus, fully online or a combination of both.

The B.Comm.(Co-op.) is a five-year, 135 credit hour program. It has a structured format and may only be completed full time. Students complete three mandatory work terms.

Can I complete the new program online and/or part-time?

The B.Comm. program may be completed full-time or part- time, either on campus, fully online or through a combination of on campus and online studies.

The B.Comm.(Co-op.) will normally be completed on campus through full-time studies.

Can I complete other credentials with the new program(s) (minors, certificates, diplomas or joint degrees)?

Yes. Students have two options for joint degrees: the joint B.Comm. and bachelor of music (B.Mus.) or the joint B.Comm.(Co-op.) and bachelor of arts (BA).

Minors may be completed from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), Faculty of Science, School of Music or the Marine Institute. Academic advising is strongly encouraged for students who wish to pursue additional credentials. Contact an academic advisor by emailing busihelp@mun.ca.

Students may also pursue a certificate or diploma program offered by HSS.

Can I complete a concentration? Is it formalized/noted on transcript or parchment?

No. You can focus your studies on specific areas of business or create a pathway to pursue a professional designation following graduation.

Can I take an online core course if I am in the bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program?

Online business courses are reserved for business students outside the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program. Students in the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program will be automatically waitlisted if they attempt to register for online core business courses. Commerce students are advised to register for on-campus courses to ensure their spot in the course.