Strengthening cybersecurity

Dec 13th, 2021

Susan White and Ashley Wright

Strengthening cybersecurity

A new course at Gardiner Centre will help managers better protect their organizations from online threats.

Cybersecurity for Managers will be held Dec. 15-16 at Signal Hill Campus. Participants will learn how to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks, implement defence practices and hire, retain and manage a cyber security team.

“We’ve all seen recently how critical cybersecurity is to organizations, people and privacy, and how quickly that can be compromised,” said Valerie Howe, director. “We’re continually striving to ensure our programming is responsive to current challenges in the business world, and cybersecurity is currently at the forefront of organizational mindsets. We wanted to offer training to help businesses and organizations address this challenge and keep themselves and their customers safe.”

To help more people avail of the course, Gardiner Centre has also secured a new partnership with Scale AI, a consortium of private entities, research centres, academic institutions and high-potential startups that provides guidance and funding to support digital and artificial intelligence (A.I.) projects across Canada.

Scale AI has provided a grant of $20,640 to subsidize tuition for the course, meaning eligible participants may register at half price.

“Cybersecurity is a critical issue, no matter the size of your business or organization. We wanted to ensure that anyone who wants to participate in this course is able to do so, and we’re thrilled to partner with Scale AI to make this happen,” said Ms. Howe.

Julien Billot, chief executive officer of Scale AI, says the course aligns with the organization’s mission to foster workplace development by training specialists in artificial and digital intelligence.

“Imagining and developing A.I. solutions to business problems is not enough. It is critical to have skilled professionals in the field to implement and give effect to these solutions on a daily basis,” he said.

“Enabling the development of a specialized workforce is therefore a key element of our industrial strategy whose goal is to help address current labour shortages, meet the needs of businesses and give Canadians access to interesting and well-paying jobs.”

“We believe this program will make a positive difference in our province by developing professionals who are able to protect their organizations, employees, customers and clients online,” added Ms. Howe.

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