Dr. John Schouten

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Social Enterprise


In 2021 I continued my research at Fishing for Success. This included conducting additional interviews with stakeholders, all through internet-mediated communication as per Covid-19 protocols, and developing and submitting an article with my co-author, Beth DuFault, to the interdisciplinary journal Sustainability. The article, Social enterprise as a broker of identity resources, was published in early 2022.

I also continued my collaboration with Dr. Lydia Ottlewski (Southern Denmark University) and Dr. Joonas Rokka (emlyon) on research into consumer-driven social innovation through social entrepreneurship and enterprise. The context of the research is a German internet-platform-based organization called Familyship, which helps people to plan and construct alternative families for the purpose of bearing and co-parenting children. The impact of the organization has been to normalize and support family formation among people that are excluded socially and/or legally from supports for childbearing. The rich data set should yield multiple journal articles, beginning with an article in a special issue of Marketing Theory: The Platformization of Consumer Culture and including submissions to Journal of Marketing and Journal of Consumer Research.

In conjunction with the Consumer Culture Theory Conference, I co-edited a book of poetry titled, Carmelized Civilization Traein. I also published my first volume of collected poems, Evenings When the Sun from FutureCycle Press.