Transformative potential

May 26th, 2022

Susan White

Research Bulletin 2021
Transformative potential

Building on a reputation for research that makes a difference, Memorial’s business faculty released its fourth annual research bulletin today.

Impact: A Research Bulletin highlights impactful research undertaken by faculty members in 2021. The research featured is varied, ranging from gender diversity in the finance industry to LGTBQ+ equality in the workplace and from the impact of the pandemic on infectious waste disposal to award-winning community engagement partnerships.

“The opportunities for our researchers to make a difference in their fields and in society are many,” said Dr. Isabelle Dostaler, dean. “While the interests and expertise of our faculty members covers a wide array of fields and topics, what they have in common is their commitment to rigorous work that is not only innovative but has transformative potential.”

The research bulletin includes intellectual contributions by all faculty members and provides reports from research chairs on their activities over the past year.

“At the Faculty of Business Administration, we strive to cultivate an ecosystem of research that pursues, supports and celebrates excellent research that makes a difference,” added Dr. Dostaler. “The work of our researchers deserves to be shared and celebrated. With this publication, we aim to do just that.”

View the full bulletin here or visit the research bulletin section of our website to see highlighted stories.