Become a tech steward

Apr 19th, 2022

Susan White

Become a tech steward

Business students at Memorial University have the chance to learn about integrating social and ethical concerns into their professional decision-making this summer.

The Faculty of Business Administration is partnering with the Technological Stewardship Practice Program (TSPP) to enable undergraduate business students to become tech stewards through 18 hours of online study.

The program is free for a limited time, and students who complete it receive a micro-credential to include on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The deadline to register is May 6.

“The business and community leaders whom the world needs now and in the future are socially conscious in their business practices,” said Dr. Erin Oldford, associate dean (undergraduate programs). “They will consider a broader framework for their decision-making. It can no longer be solely focused on profits. We need leaders who consider the community, the environment and more. This program is one way we can create these kinds of leaders.”

The program aims to equip students with a deeper understanding of society’s relationship with technology, challenge stereotypes, consider how technologies shape and are being shaped by societal values, and develop daily behaviours that support progress.

It’s focused on all types of technology, from physical, digital and biological tech to that within traditional industries to emerging fields like crypto currency.

Twenty-four post-secondary institutions across Canada are tech steward partners. The business faculty joins the faculties of Engineering and Applied Science as well as Humanities and Social Sciences as partners of this program.

Business students can register for the Tech Stewardship Practice Program here.