Awards & Scholarships

May 25th, 2021

Susan White

MUNBusiness Celebrates Excellence
Awards & Scholarships

The Faculty of Business Administration is privileged to have a strong network of supporters, alumni and donors whose financial contributions support student success.

This generosity results in over $200,000 that we hand out to business students each year in the form of awards, scholarships and bursaries.

This financial support helps our students to pursue excellence in their academic programs while also maintaining part-time jobs and volunteering within their communities.

In 2020-2021, over 100 students received an award, scholarship or bursary to help them on their post-secondary journeys.

In the video below, donor Wendy Hannum speaks about why she decided to create a scholarship in her name, and Noah Cote, recipient of the Don Spurrell Memorial Award and one of the recipients of the James R. Pearcey Award for Entrepreneurship, speaks on behalf of our students.

Watch the video

In 2020-2021, we also established three new awards and one new bursary, thanks to the generous support of many individuals and organizations. These are:

  • Commerce Class of 1974 Bursary;
  • Donald P. Gladney Award;
  • Joe Riche Leadership Award for Excellence in Investments; and
  • Keith Burt Award for Entrepreneurship.

“We are grateful that the continued support of our donors and community allow us to grow this program every year and further enable our students to pursue excellence in their programs,” said Dr. Isabelle Dostaler, dean. “We truly could not do this without your support, and on behalf of our faculty members, staff, students, and indeed, other leaders at Memorial University, I thank you.”