Dr. Emmanuel Haven

Dr. Alex Faseruk Chair in Financial Management Education


In 2021, I co-authored a paper on using random matrix theory in banking networks. In another co-authored publication, we show that a new type of risk measure, usable in elementary portfolio management, can be defined with the aid of a particular potential function. There is a power law between that measure and the time scale.

Together with an academic from Purdue University, I am finishing a Festschrift (with Springer-Nature). We are thrilled that the foreword of the book is written by Dr. Anton Zeilinger, recipient of the 2010 Wolf Prize Laureate in Physics. I am also continuing to co-edit special issues in other journals such as in Frontiers in Psychology with an academic from the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin, among other co-editors.

I have continued to teach both the financial derivative pricing course for upper undergraduate and master of business administration (MBA) students, as well as business economics courses at the MBA level. I also continued teaching the interdisciplinary colloquium in the School of Graduate Studies, and I have been renewed as the director of Memorial’s interdisciplinary PhD program.

With the superb support of Ellen Steinhauer from the Research Grants and Contract Services, I co-organized a series of mental health research sessions across the university. Co-organizers include: Dr. Reza Tabrizchi, vice-dean, research and graduate studies, Faculty of Medicine; Dr. Jacqueline Blundell, acting associate dean, research and graduate, Faculty of Science; and Dr. Anne Marie Sullivan, interim dean, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation.

Within the business faculty, I chaired both the promotion and tenure committee and the search committee for the technology ecosystem hire.

Finally, I’m a co-organizer of the Thermodynamics 2.0 conference to be held in North Carolina in June 2022.