Dr. Alex Stewart

Chair in Entrepreneurship


In 2021, I continued teaching the entrepreneurship course (BUSI 8511) for the master of business administration in social enterprise and entrepreneurship (MBA-SEE) program. I also taught the MBA New Ventures course (BUSI 9308), which had several promising early-stage ventures. I also continued to work as faculty advisor for Blaine Edwards, whose Unbound Chemicals (first sketched out as a business model in an earlier BUSI 9308 that I taught) has been acquired by a tech firm in Poland.

I also taught the undergraduate New Ventures (BUSI 3630) and strategic management (BUSI 4050) courses. I taught the latter in a completely new and unusual way. Students developed action plans for small firms or organizations they know up close, and also created personal career plans based on a book called Make Your Own Luck.

I serve on the supervisory committee for three PhD students, and also work with a master of science (M.Sc.) in management student on a thesis that could contribute to practical and scholarly literature on entrepreneurship due to unusual data.

In 2021, I had one publication published in Small Business Economics: Who shuns entrepreneurship journals? Why? And what should we do about it? I also wrote a paper currently under review at the Journal of Economic Issues entitled Academic snobbery and the prospects for heterodox economics.

I also presented two papers. First, I presented Uses and challenges of photography in management studies at the Atlantic Schools of Business conference, a virtual event hosted by the University of Prince Edward Island.

Secondly, I virtually presented The inherent ambivalence of employment for the anthropology department at the University of Copenhagen. This study, with Dr. David Krackhardt of Carnegie Mellon University, is challenging to publish as it’s unusual in its methods, combining social network analysis (Dr. Krackhardt’s expertise) with ethnographic data as the source of the matrixes. This paper has been submitted to Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

I have served on the editorial boards for Family Business Review and Journal of Family Business Strategy, and reviewed papers for the Academy of Management conference, Atlantic Schools of Business conference, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice and Journal of World Business.

I’m involved with Memorial’s translational R&D program as well as the university’s innovation committee. I’m working with Memorial students in the Creative Destruction Lab and with the Centre for Social Enterprise. I’m also a member of the faculty’s research committee.

I’m currently focusing on a photo-ethnographic work of ventures and livelihoods on the Bonavista Peninsula.