BA Professional: A Career Conversation Series

BA grads work in a wide variety of diverse careers – from non-profits and government, to academia or being the CEO of their own company – yet the myth of the BA as barista persists.

To combat this fake news, we bring students real-life stories of BA grads, including where they work and how they got there.

Each episode of our BA Professional career conversation series features an HSS alumni sharing secrets and tips on how you, too, can forge your own ideal career path and find a dream job of your own.

Recent Episodes: 

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Jane Walsh (BA, Sociology)

Mike Fleet (BA, Political Science)
Senior Analyst (Iraq) with the Government Canada

Evan Burry (BA'14)
Co-founder, CEO and Resesrch Lead at Stormy Shore Studios.

Megan Gail Coles (BA, English)
Author (and currently theatre instructor and writer in residence at Memorial)


Carl Mercer (BA, Political Science)
Communications Advisor and Lead Speech Writer for United Nations

Meagan Campbell (BA, English): 
Content marketer at CoLab software, writer and actor

Maria Roach (BA, Psychology & Master of Employee Relations): 
Human Resources Technician at Securitas Aviation Canada

Heather Gillis (BA, Sociology): 
Reporter and producer for CBC N.L


Andrew DeRoche (BA, Archaeology, B.S.c):
Software Development 

Holly Tocknell (BA, French and Russian): 
Human Resources, Learning and Development

Joe Teo (BA Economics, BComm): 
CEO & Co-Founder, HeyOrca!

Terra Barrett (MA, BA, Folklore): 
Heritage Education and Public Programming

Travis Inkpen (BA, Political Science): 
Sales and Business Development

Jennifer Crowe (Masters in Public Admistration, BA, Honours, Political Science): Leadership, Youth and Community Development


Mimi Sheriff (Master of Gender Studies): 
Technology Professional, Entrepreneur

Julia Buckley (BA, French): 
Federal Public Servant

Jeremy Bonia (BA, History): 
Entrepreneur, co-owner of Raymonds Restaurant and The Merchant Tavern

Julie Rickward (BA, English/Communication Studies): 
Communications Professional

Michelle Snow (BA, Economics): 
Senior Public Servant