The Writing Centre

Virginia Ryan with student

The Writing Centre is a free facility for all Memorial University students, undergraduate or graduate, who want help with their writing. Staffed by a director and by university students trained as writing tutors, the Writing Centre's mandate is to help university students become better writers and critical thinkers.

The Writing Centre works on an appointment basis in order to reduce wait times and guarantee that tutors are available to work with you. Appointments can last up to 45 minutes. We ask students to please print off a copy of the paper prior to the session.


NEW! Thesis Writing Retreat


Hours Spring 2017

Graduate Students

The Writing Centre (SN2053) will be open for graduate appointments starting May 8th, 2017. To book a graduate appointment, please email Diane Ennis -


Undergraduate Students

Because funding has not yet been determined, there will be no undergraduate tutoring available at either the Science building or The Commons for the first two weeks of classes (May 8th - May 19th). Please check back with us after this date. Note: there will be no online tutoring for undergraduate students during this period.

We have an online system available for distance students living outside the greater St. John's area. 


To Make Appointments

Undergraduate Students can drop by SN2053 or call 864-3168 to make appointments at the main Writing Centre location. To make appointments at the Commons, drop by the Commons' help desk or call 864-6159. 

Note: tutors no longer conduct sessions on laptops. Please bring a hard copy of your work to your session. Exemptions to this policy are granted by the Director where special circumstances exist. 

Graduate students can make appointments by visiting SN2053, by calling 864-3168, or by emailing When making appointments, it is necessary to identifiy yourself as a graduate student. Note that our graduate student services are in great demand, and we strongly recommend that graduate students make appointments as well in advance as possible. Due to the finite number of graduate appointments available, we can seldom accommodate last-minute requests.


Note: For simple questions concerning our hours, policies, etc., please email