Questions and Answers for Faculty Interested in Offering a Harlow Semester

What is the first step to get approval for a Harlow semester?

The first step is to consult your Department Head to see how a Harlow semester would fit with the department’s teaching plan. Then, two years before you would deliver the Harlow program, you need to submit an application to the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. Further information is available at our  Off-Campus Field School or Harlow Program web page.

How do I plan a Harlow semester once my application has been approved?

The Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and faculty members who have delivered a Harlow semester can offer some planning assistance. Faculty who have never taught a Harlow semester have tended to benefit from the experience of doing so with a faculty member who has done so before.

Ideally, a planning document will deal with the actual planning of program content, in particular the entire budgetary process. Faculty members will be immersed in planning the budget, choosing field trips that are cost effective, collecting funds, issuing disbursements while at Harlow, addressing deposits, working with travel agents, assessing travel times. Academic considerations include what course content is possible, how to assess a field program, realistic expectations for assignments, teaching times required, course cross-listings, and recruitment strategies.

What support does staff at Harlow Campus offer?

When considering submitting an application to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, professors/staff are encouraged to contact the General Manager of Harlow Campus to discuss the proposed program and dates being considered to determine if these dates are available and the number of students and faculty that can be accommodated. The Harlow Campus also offers some support with logistical details concerning field trips.

Harlow Campus will provide ongoing administrative assistance to all faculty/staff in relation to all bookings, field trips and any ad-hoc requirements. It can provide information for students/faculty/staff on all local facilities and travel guidance for local, national, or European travel. From 7pm – 7am daily, Harlow campus is staffed by a security guard, who can provide assistance during out of office hours. At all other times a member of staff is reachable via an emergency help-line, details of which will be provided once on campus. IT support is provided while on campus for all students/faculty/staff.

What do I need to know about planning field trips?

The key part of any Harlow program is the field trips. The trips and venues can be booked in advance. Coach costs for trips can be obtained through Harlow campus, once field destinations are identified. Any faculty member planning a program needs to know what field trip options are possible cost-wise and distance-wise, what is realistic, what isn't. A faculty member needs to know what they want to see.

Harlow Campus staff can provide guidance and do some limited investigation on the costs, availability of field trips, and associated venues. They can also provide catering for students/faculty/staff on field trips, in addition to the evening meal, at a cost. Please refer to the General Manager for current prices. However, Harlow campus cannot advise on what a program needs - only the logistical feasibility of getting to the choices made by the instructor.

Trips and venues may need to be booked in advance, prior to arriving at Harlow Campus. This can be done through Harlow Campus by providing all relevant details: the size of the group, the venue to be booked, and the transport required. Harlow can book and pay deposits or pay in full, and then recharge the fees back to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Harlow Campus can also book transfers to and from the airport for all professors/staff and students. In addition to assistance with administration, when at Harlow, programs can receive assistance with managing budgets and tracking and forecasting program costs.

What about VISA requirements?

Harlow Campus staff will provide any support required for VISA issues for professors/staff and students if required. Please note that if anyone is travelling to the UK for less than 6 months, then a VISA will not be required. For those coming to the UK for less than 6 months, a letter of invitation will be provided by the General Manager, which should be shown at UK Border Control.

What normally happens when we arrive at Harlow campus?

Once the program has been approved, then professors/staff should once again contact the General Manager of Harlow Campus to confirm the program dates and expected size of the group and notify them of the professors/staff that will be accompanying the group.

Harlow campus looks after the specific logistical details once you arrive: accommodation, food, transport, disbursement of funds. 

What are the Harlow facilities like?

The Harlow Campus prospectus contains detailed information on the Campus' facilities and services.

Harlow Campus has a small library linked to the QEII in St John’s; Harlow’s Librarian is Crystal Rose, Grenfell Campus. Faculty/staff can request publications/books to be added to Harlow Campus’ library for use while in Harlow.

Accommodation for students can be either in The Maltings or Cabot House; mainly all the rooms are twin share, with a few single rooms. It will be the responsibility of the professors/staff to block book the rooms for students and then provide Harlow with a list of room-share allocations. Please contact the General Manager at Harlow of the available space for students before this information is collected. Students can pay for their accommodations themselves when they arrive at Harlow, but this can also be paid in advance and included in the program fee. Please speak to the General Manager for further information.

Faculty accommodation can be provided on site in one of Harlow Campus’ three apartments. All apartments can sleep up to four people so families are welcome. If professors/staff are coming for a semester and bring their children who are of school age, then Harlow Campus staff can provide information on placing them in local schools for the duration of their stay if required. A weekday evening meal is provided for all students, professors/staff, and families while on campus.

Harlow Campus has two classrooms on site, St John’s House and the Lord Taylor Room. St John’s House can accommodate up to 30 students and The Lord Taylor Room can accommodate up to 15 students. Both are equipped with Screens, projectors, TV, Video/DVD, and Video Conferencing facilities. Classroom space will need to be booked before arriving on campus with the General Manager. Harlow Campus is fully wireless.

Other questions

Other questions should be directed to the Office of the Dean Humanities and Social Sciences, to representatives at the Harlow Campus, and/or to a faculty member who has previously delivered a Harlow program. Questions might address such matters as: How many hours a week do Harlow students have to spend in the classroom? Do MUN rules about 20% of grade by midterm, nothing due in the last week, and such apply to these courses? How do I draft a budget?