Requesting Leave in Phase 4

Breaks and Vacation
In Phase 4, any leave during a clinical block/rotation must be requested as outlined below. Attendance is mandatory during all scheduled duty hours. Any absence outside clinical blocks (e.g. vacation) must also be reported to the UGME office. 

Leave request submission in Phase 4
  1. Complete a "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form and obtain your faculty preceptor’s signature to indicate approval of the leave request. The “Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request” form is available on the UGME website at or in hard copy at the UGME office.
    1. An email approval from the faculty preceptor is acceptable in lieu of a written signature on the form. Preferably this email would be sent from a MUN or RHA account.
  2. Submit the signed form to the UGME office. ​
    1. ​Note: duties may be assigned on weekends (e.g. on-call duty, scheduled shift work) therefore the number of days must show all calendar days affected, not just weekdays when requesting leave. 
  3. ​Once a completed "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form is submitted, UGME staff will act on the student’s behalf to seek approval from the Phase 4 Lead. 
  4. Contact for any questions or concerns about leave during Phase 4. 

Any missed time during a clinical block may have to be made up. The extent of make-up work cannot exceed the amount of time missed, but its duration and duties will be at the discretion of the appropriate discipline clerkship co-ordinator in consultation with the Phase 4 Lead.

Even with approved leave, credit for Phase 4 courses (Core Experiences, Electives, Advanced Practice Integration) can only be awarded when a student participates in at least 75% of the scheduled duty hours. 

Time off for personal business

In addition to the leave types outlined below, Phase 4 students may request up to two hours off service each week to attend to personal business. While a leave request form is not needed in this case, the student must seek approval from the faculty preceptor prior to taking time off. 

Types of Leave

Refer to the following links for detailed information regarding each leave type and any required documentation:
In cases where prolonged absences occur, or are anticipated, refer to Withdrawal and Return to Duty.

Travel for CaRMS interviews

The CaRMS interview period is a designated break (see Breaks and Vacation for exact dates). If you must travel on the Friday before the CaRMS interview period, you will be excused from duty.

  • Please inform your faculty preceptor at the beginning of the January rotation and send a secondary reminder in advance of the Friday you intend to miss. This will aid in receiving your assessment before the end of your rotation.
  • You may use the email sent from to verify your leave permission with your preceptor. No leave form is required for the absence on that day.