Dean's List 2013 - 2014

Name / Program
Katherine Alexander, French/Business
Rose Anderson, History
Yvette Anderson, Russian/Linguistics
Zachary Andrews, History/German
Zachary Anstey, Psychology/Sociology
Jami Antle, English/Geography
Conor Arsenault, Philosophy/Political Science
Daniel Barbour, French/Linguistics
Joshua Barrett, Geography/Political Science
Hannah Barry, Communication Studies
Leo Bartlett, History
Kjeryn Bateman, History/Religious Studies
Bronwyn Beairsto, Anthropology/Folklore
Dana Beaton, Anthropology/Classics
Andrew Bennett, History/Political Science
Teresa Benson, Psychology/Sociology
Jenny Berniquez, French/Psychology
Sasha Best, Psychology/Sociology
Celeste Billung-Meyer, Folklore/Psychology
Stephen Bishop, English/History
Simon Blackwood, Psychology/Sociology
Matthew Blundon, German
Emily Boger, Classics/Archaeology
Shane Boland, Diploma in Police Studies
Nadine Bona, Psychology/Geography
Ryan Brazil, Geography/History
Cody Broderick, French/Classics
Mark Browne, Political Science/French
Alice Brun-Newhook, Linguistics/Spanish
Catherine Burridge, English/Psychology
Evan Burry, History/English
Krista Burton, French
Ashley Byrne, French/Business
Jessica Byrne, Communication Studies/Psychology
Jessica Cahill, English/Linguistics
Sarah Campbell, Philosophy/Political Science
Jacob Canning, English/Folklore
Terry Capandeguy, French/History
Ryan Christen, Law & Society/Sociology
Sam Clark, Political Science/History
Olivia Cleary, Psychology/Sociology
Kendsey Clements, French/Psychology
Robyn Clost, Russian/German
Emma Collingwood, French/English
Heather Collins, Psychology
Stephen Collins, German/History
Kayla Condon, French/Geography
Katie Cranford, French
Heather Croke
Keenan Croucher, Psychology/Computer Science
Christopher Cumby, Communication Studies/Psychology
Dominique Daschuk, History
Claire Davis, English/Law & Society
Madeline Davis, History/Law & Society
Darlene Dickinson, Sociology
Ethan Doney, Archaeology/Geography
Devin Drover, Economics/Business
Justin Drover, Economics
Kelly Drover, Folklore/Sociology
Moira Duncan, Psychology/English
Erin Dwyer, Sociology/Anthropology
Seamus Dwyer, English/History
Maria Dyke, English/Law & Society
Adam Facey,  Political Science/History
Weyam Fahmy, Psychology/Sociology
Laura Fallon, Psychology/Law & Society
Charlotte Field, Psychology
Melissa Field, Police Studies/Psychology
Michael Fleet, Political Science/German
Melanie Flynn, English/Psychology
Katelyn Foley, English/Mathematics
Joel Foster, English/History
Joaquin Gai, English/Sociology
Ariel Gardiner, Communication Studies/Folklore
Alexander Gear, Philosophy
Mary Germaine, Philosophy/Gender Studies
Noel Gibbons, Diploma in Police Studies
Samuel Gillis Hogan, History/Medieval Studies
Darcy Griffin, English/Communication Studies
Kate Griffiths, Psychology/Sociology
Geoffrey Hall, Diploma in Police Studies
Renee Hanlon, Classics/Geography
Sarah Hannon, History/Political Science
Jamie Harnum-Davidson, English/Religious Studies
Alison Harris, Archaeology/Biology
Jonathan Harrison, History
Jenna Hartigan, Political Science/History
Alicia Hartley, History/Archaeology
Katherine Harvey, Folklore/Religious Studies
Jane Hawco, German
Rebekah Hayley, Religious Studies
Tamara Head, Sociology/Economics
Eryn Heidel, English/French
Brendan Hickey, Anthropology/Spanish
Brent Hickey, Police Studies/Psychology
Lacey Hickey, French/Business
Matthew Hicks, History
Brittany Hierlihy, Psychology/Law & Society
Lucas Hillier, Law & Society
Laura Howells, English/Psychology
Jordyn Hughes, Linguistics/French
Timour Igamberdiev, Linguistics
Karissa Izzard-Wells, Linguistics/Psychology
Abigail Jackman, Sociology/Psychology
Susan Jarvis, Religious Studies/Classics
Daze Jefferies, Folklore/Gender Studies
Isabel Joannis, Sociology
Katherine Johnson, English
Blair Kerr, Folklore/Religious Studies
Victoria Lake, French/Mathematics
Kyle Langille, English/Philosophy
Emily Langley, Political Science/French
Ethan Lewis, Philosophy
Tzu-Ling Lin, Economics/Law & Society
Scott Lynch, English/Law & Society
Samantha Macdonald, Religious Studies/Classics
Julianne Mack, Gender Studies/Sociology
David Maher, Political Science
Tesa Manuel, French
Jennifer Marsh, English/Religious Studies
Adam Mayo, English/History
Meghan McDonald, Russian/Film Studies
Shayne McGrath, Psychology/Geography
Mary McLevey, Philosophy
Caitlyn Mcgeer, Law & Society/Psychology
Alexander Mcgruer, History/French
Abigail Mcinnis, History/English
Charles Merritt, History
Sarah Messer, Philosophy/Geography
Erin Mick, History/Philosophy
Margaret Millican
Jeffrey Mollins, Economics/History
Ross Moore, English/Film Studies
James Moores, Classics/Law & Society
Bernard Morgan, Sociology/Psychology
Emma Morgan, Sociology/Law & Society
Melanie Morrison, Archaeology/History
Alicia Morry, Archaeology/Earth Science
Jeanie Morry, French/Linguistics
Lea Moulton, Political Science/Sociology
Liam Myers, Diploma in Police Studies
Elizabeth Mysyk, Religious Studies/Philosophy
Shaina Norman, Linguistics/French
Dakotah Noseworthy, French/Religious Studies
Greg Noseworthy, Religious Studies/History
Shannon Page, English/Classics
Megan Parker, History/Archaeology
Victoria Passalent, History
Leanna Paul, French/Geography
Kelsea Perry, Sociology/Law & Society
Emily Philpott, Psychology/Communication Studies
Christoph Pike, Political Science/Economics
Katherine Pippy, English
Spencer Potocki, History
Theresa Powell, English/Communication Studies
Kia Power, French/History
Stephen Power, Political Science/English
Stacy Putt, Police Studies/Psychology
Jordan Pynn, English/History
Jonathan Quinlan, German/Religious Studies
Xavier Quintilla, Communication Studies/French
Adam Quirk, Political Science/Classics
Kaylene Rafferty, Linguistics/Spanish
Shruti Raheja, English
Bethany Reaka, History/Anthropology
Jordan Remedios, Sociology
Benjamin Riche, English/History
Colin Rideout, Sociology/Philosophy
Robert Roach, History/French
Joshua Roberts, Linguistics/Folklore
Zachary Roberts, Political Science
Russell Robinson-Grant, History/English
Renee Roche, History/Religious Studies
Sarah Rowe, English/French
Nakita A. Ryan, History/French
Nakita M. Ryan, Psychology/French
Timo Sargent, Spanish/Political Science
Katherine Saunders, French/History
Lyndsay Schlarbaum, Psychology/Sociology
Heice Marina Schmidt, Classics/History
Michael Schryver, Classics/Linguistics
Leanne Scott, Communication Studies/French
Nelson Scott, Communication Studies
Laura Seviour, Political Science/Philosophy
Wyatt Shibley, Russian/Folklore
Christopher Singleton, Psychology/Political Science
Kyle Sloan, Geography/German
Megan Smith, Psychology/History
Renee Smith, Diploma in Police Studies
Caroline Snow, English/Communication Studies
Maria Snow, Psychology/Sociology
Katherine Spence, Communication Studies
Steven Stauffer, English/Philosophy
Katrina Stavila, Political Science
Jordan Steinhauer, Communication Studies/English
Heather Stern, Religious Studies
Megan Stewart, English/Sociology
Melanie Stockley, Archaeology/Anthropology

Megan Stride, Linguistics/Psychology

Breanna Stumpf, Mathematics/French
Michael Sullivan, Economics/Mathematics
Anna Swain, Communication Studies/Gender Studies
Erica Swyers, German/Business
Jasmine Szeto, French/Sociology
Grace Tatigian, English/French
Mark Taylor, Psychology/Sociology
Gregory Thorne, Diploma in Police Studies
Rebecca Tilley, French/Biology
Richard Tilley, Diploma in Police Studies
Rhiannon Tracey, French/Psychology
Stephanie Tucker, English/Communication Studies
Lukas Wall, Communication Studies/English
Colin Walsh, Psychology/English
Kathleen Walsh, Psychology/Religious Studies
Victoria Walsh, English/Law & Society
Annie Warner, Miscellaneous
Jason Waters, Political Science/Law & Society
Sarah Webb, French/Psychology
Nigel Wells, History/Russian
Aaron White, Diploma in Police Studies
Kyle White, Geography/Political Science
Michael White, Statistics/Economics
Derek Whyte, History/Classics
Ashley Wilson, Anthropology/Political Science
Jessica Wilson, Political Science/History
Ian Wiseman, Anthropology/Archaeology
Stephanie Wright, Geography/Sociology


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