Certificate and Diploma Coordinators

Listed below are the various interdisciplinary, diploma and certificate program coordinators within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students with general questions about certificate or diploma requirements should contact:

Renée Shute
Manager of Academic Programs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm during the summer (June, July, August)
AA-4077 (Arts and Administration)

Coordinators of Diploma Programs

A page is available outlining the roles and responsibilities of Diploma and Certificate Coordinators.

Ancient Worlds (Archaeology)Dr. Barry Gaultonbgaulton@mun.caQC 2009864-8872
Creative Writing (English)Dr. Robert Finleyrfinley@mun.caA 3024864-8052
Environmental HumanitiesDr. John Sandlosjsandlos@mun.caA-1022864-2429
GI Sciences (Geography)Dr. Elizabeth Simmslambert@mun.caSN 2021864-2414
Humanities (Philosophy)Dr. Arthur Sullivanarthurs@mun.caAA 3070A864-2668
Performance &
Communications Media
Dr. Jamie Skidmoreskidmore@mun.caA 3027B864-8404
Police Studies (Sociology)Dr. Alan Hall
alanh@mun.caA 4064864-4592

Coordinators of Certificates

Aboriginal and Indigenous Studies (Archaeology)Dr. Scott Neilsenscott.neilsen@mun.caLabrador Institute709-497-3630
Ancient Languages (Classics)Dr. Kathryn Simonsenkathryns@mun.caA 2061864-8531
Criminology (Sociology)Dr. Rose Riccardellirricciardell@mun.caA 4067864-7446
Film Studies (English)Dr. Andrew Lomanaloman@mun.caAA 3036864-8293
Food Studies (Anthropology)Dr. Kathy Gordonkgordon@mun.caQC-4006864-8889
Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (Folklore)Dr. Jillian Gouldjgould@mun.caED 4044864-3244
Public Policy (Political Science)Dr. Stephen Tomblinstomblin@mun.caSN 2035864-8189


Directors of Programs

Frecker Fall programFrecker Summer programGerard Castagnecastagne@mun.caModern Languages, Literatures and CulturesSN-4041  864-8574


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