Certificate in Criminology

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The Certificate in Criminology is designed for those who are interested in the study of criminality, crime, deviance, and the correctional systems more broadly. Program participants will be introduced to the foundational knowledge related to the Canadian legal system, law, justice and correctional systems, with a provincial and federal focus. They will gain a more complex understanding of the social structures and practices of criminal justice as well as what constitutes positive practice for persons working in corrections or criminal justice more generally. Students will be introduced to the theoretical, legal, methodological, practical, and ethical debates in criminology, which will allow participants to more effectively analyze and understand their work in law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation. The program will be of particular interest to persons engaged in law enforcement, corrections, social work, and rehabilitation, as well as persons studying society, individuals seeking work in not-for-profit and charitable organizations that foster positive social growth.

Regulations for the Certificate in Criminology

Regulations for the Certificate in Criminology can be found in the University Calendar.

For detailed course descriptions please refer to the online University Calendar.

Information about declaring a certificate is available on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website.

Note: Students who are eligible to pursue the former Division of Lifelong Learning’s Certificate in Criminology, which has otherwise been discontinued, should contact the program coordinator for assistance with course selection.

Program Coordinator

For more information students are invited to contact the Program Coordinator. Please see http://www.mun.ca/hss/about/contact/coordinators.php for current contact information.

Upcoming Courses in the Certificate

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