As of 18th March 2022, the Harlow Campus accommodation and facilities are open for student and faculty visits.
The Harlow Campus has a legal responsibility to protect staff, students, faculty, and visitors from risks to their health and safety (including COVID-19) and will follow government guidelines while continuing to recommend caution and considerate behaviour.
The government’s ‘Living with Covid’ guidelines emphasise the ongoing need for personal responsibility in the management of the infection.
The guidelines can be found here:
Individuals can still reduce the risk of catching and passing on COVID-19 by:

a. Getting vaccinated.
b. Letting fresh air in if meeting indoors or meet outside.
c. Wearing a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially where you meet people you do not usually come into contact with, when rates of transmission are high.
d. Staying at home, or in your room if you are unwell.
e. Taking a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and staying at home, or in your room and avoiding contact with other people if you test positive
f. Washing your hands and following advice to ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’.

There are hand sanitizers around campus, also face masks and lateral flow tests available on request.


All COVID-19 related travel requirements for international visitors to the UK have been removed. However, this information updates regularly and so please visit the UK government's website for the latest travel advice -

Facilities for Hire

Additional COVID-19 restrictions that were in place when hiring the campus facilities have been removed. Harlow Campus facilities are available for hire including the Lord Taylor conference room and the St John’s Classroom/Hall.
The Maltings is now open with student intake planned from Spring 2022.
We are taking enquiries for all our self-contained properties Cabot House, 44/46 Market Street and St John’s Cottage.
If you would like further information on any details or how to book, please contact the General Manager at