Harlow Incentive Program


To encourage and facilitate study abroad experiences for Memorial students studying at Harlow Campus, the Harlow Incentive Program provides incentives to academic units to offer courses that include student residency on the Harlow campus for all or part of a course.

The funding is dedicated to support a cohort of students taking part in a Harlow Campus program and must be used to encourage student participation

Each academic unit will receive cohort-based funding as follows:

$1,500 per student per full semester for the first 10 students living and studying at Harlow Campus; and $1,000 per student per full semester for every additional student thereafter.

The funding package has two components: one based on the number of students in the cohort and one based on an in-kind component providing instructor accommodation on the Harlow Campus. For programs that involve residency of less than a full semester at Harlow, both components will be pro-rated based on the length of the residency.

A cohort is defined as a group of students taking one or more courses offered by a single academic unit or by a consortium of academic units.A full semester is one that aligns closely with full fall or winter undergraduate semesters at Memorial, e.g. a continuous instructional period approximately 12 weeks in length followed by an examination period.

To help units defray fixed costs associated with Harlow programming, Harlow Campus will provide in-kind instructor accommodation (one two-bedroom apartment per program). No additional funding will be provided in cases where additional or off-campus lodging is chosen or required.

Visits to UK partner campuses or hosting of UK faculty members for guest lectures at Harlow is strongly encouraged, and some costs incurred may be reimbursable based on the parameters of the visiting delegations protocol http://www.mun.ca/international/Visiting_Delegations/ of Memorial University.

Proposals to offer a course or courses at Harlow and plans for interaction with other educational institutions in the UK are to be submitted to Sonja Knutson, Director, Internationalization Office at sknutson@mun.ca

Downloadable forms for the Harlow Incentive Program are below:

  • Template for the proposal is here

  • Template for the report to accompany the request for reimbursement is here

  • Please complete and return to Zach Wheeler via email at zwheeler@mun.ca


Having trouble downloading the forms? Fillable forms can be found below:

Harlow Incentive Program - Template for Proposal



Harlow Incentive Program - Template for Report