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Stay at Harlow Campus in the quaint, historic town of Old Harlow, Essex, UK.

Residence rentals are not always available and costs vary. Details of residence on campus should be discussed with Harlow administration prior to arrival.

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Each room in The Maltings has its own bathroom/showerCabot House has shared bathroom facilitiesBoth residences have fully equipped kitchens including: fridge, stove, microwave, pots/pans, dishes, and all necessary utensilsEach resident has his/her own phone which must be pre-paid at receptionThere is a common room in both the residences each with a TV/DVDThe Maltings houses a computer lab with eight computersThe entire campus is Wi-Fi accessible

Students are encouraged to contact the Blundon Centre at least six months before travelling to Harlow if they have any accommodation requirements due to a disability. For more information, visit

Please inform us as early as possible if you have any specific accommodation requirements due to a disability. We will do everything we can to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay at Harlow.

For further information on all vacancies listed, please contact us by telephone at +44 (0)1279 455900 or by email at


The Maltings

The Maltings Photo Gallery

Formerly used for drying grain, this four-storey, converted 19th century maltings, is now fully modernized and houses the main office, dining and laundry facilities.

Bedroom arrangements are as follows:

  • 20 twin bedrooms with en-suite shower and toilets (rooms are convertible to single), which include 6 large twin rooms at approx. 230 sq ft and 14 standard twin rooms at approx. 160 sq ft.
  • 1 purpose-designed wheelchair-accessible bedroom with en-suite shower, toilet, telephone and computer point


Cabot House

Cabot House Photo Gallery

This two-storey, 17th century cottage is now a self-contained residence. While it has retained its antique charm, it is now equipped with kitchen, dining room, TV lounge and study area.

The bedroom arrangements are as follows:

  • 4 twin rooms on the first floor with shared washroom facilities
  • 2 single rooms on the ground floor with shared washroom facilities


St. John's Cottage

St. John's Cottage Photo Gallery

A two-storey building with a fully equipped kitchen, two reception rooms (one with internet access point, the other with TV), one double-bedded room and one twin bedded room, bathroom and a small courtyard area to the rear of the property. This property is mainly used by faculty, but can also be rented out for holiday residents when not in use.


St. John's House

St. John's House Photo Gallery

Formally a Victorian school building dating back to 1870, St John’s House has been converted into a lecture room and faculty office.

The main lecture hall is fully networked with audio-visual connectivity and wired and wireless Internet. The facility has flexible seating, which can comfortably accommodate up to 30 students/delegates and a fully enclosed patio garden.


44 & 46 Market Street

44 Market St. Photo Gallery

46 Market St. Photo Gallery

Formerly a butcher shop and flat, this property was acquired in 1973 and converted into two separate apartments. 44 and 46 Market St. are self-contained, two-bedroom apartments close to the main campus buildings.

Facilities include a fully-equipped kitchen, lounge area with TV and internet access point, two twin bedrooms in 44 Market Street and a twin room and double bedded room in 46 Market Street, both with separate shower rooms. These properties are mainly used by faculty, but can be rented out for holiday residents when not in use.


Accommodation Charges

All Costs are Per Person

If your stay is 4 nights or less, refer to the Day Rate

The Maltings

Per Week
MUN Rate     

Per Week

Day Rate

Single Room (Standard)  £158.55  £166.50  £59.55
Single Room (Large)  £172.95  £181.60  £64.85
Twin Room (Single)  £127.75  £133.90  £59.55
Twin Room (Large)  £138.95  £145.90  £64.85

Cabot House

Per Week
MUN Rate

Per Week  

Day Rate

Single Room  £143.65 £150.85  £52.15 
Twin Room  £112.70 £118.34 £52.15


All Costs are Per Property

If your stay is 4 nights or less, refer to the Day Rate


Per week
MUN Faculty on Business

Per week
Holiday Rate

Day Rate 

St John's Cottage

£370.65 £451.50 £95.50

44 & 46 Market Street

 £333.55 £425.95   £89.65