Study at Harlow


Professional schools and academic departments at Memorial use the Harlow Campus to deliver ongoing and specialized one-time programming, internships and experiential learning. It is recommended that students interested in attending the Harlow Campus inquire about upcoming programs through the respective academic departments.

The Harlow Campus prospectus contains detailed information on the Campuses facilities and services. An electronic copy of the prospectus can be found here.

Programs offered at Harlow Campus at varying times include:

Education (internship)
Fine Arts (Theatre)
Fine Arts (Visual Arts)
Pharmacy (clinical rotation)

Students are encouraged to contact the Blundon Centre at least six months before travelling to Harlow if they have any requirements due to a disability. For more information, visit

Current/Future Programs

  • Business
  • Theatre
  • English Drama
  • Biochemisty
  • Music
  • English Grenfell

Previous Programs