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“This experience not only helped me grow as a teacher, but as a human being overall. Travelling every weekend so there’s always something to look forward to. The staff make you feel right at home! I have gained a greater sense of independence. Your belly will always be full but most importantly, so will your heart.  I am truly blessed for this experience and I cannot thank the staff enough for the warm welcome! I will miss this place so much” Jillian Shute, Education, Fall 2019

“The experience of a lifetime. I will never forget Harlow and the friends I’ve made here. It is priceless” Damien Reid-Byrne, Education, Fall 2019

“My experience at the Harlow Campus was so enjoyable. The staff at the campus were very helpful with the transition and the experience of living in another country was unlike any other. Would 100% recommend to any MUN students who have the opportunity to attend” Robyn Hutchings, Education, Fall 2019

“Such a wonderful experience. The staff were so lovely that it made me feel incredibly safe being in a brand new country” Shae-Lynn Winsor, Music, Summer 2019

“If you have the option to go to Harlow then GO! Make it fit and go! The Campus is beautiful, the staff are amazing and you’re right next to London. Best part of my degree!” Kathleen Elliott, Visual Arts, Spring 2019

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a life changing opportunity. I do not have the words to express my gratitude. This is a great experience” Catherine Moret, Visual Arts, Spring 2019

“Thank you all so much for an amazing summer! I will remember this semester for a long time” Maegan Currie, Visual Arts, Spring 2019

“I absolutely loved my time here. If I am able to, I will definitely come back again. Highly recommend to anyone planning to come here” Melissa Mercer, Visual Arts, Spring 2019

“The Harlow program was the best four months of my life. While you study, the program is based on gaining international experience and allows you to have fun and travel Europe while furthering your education” Andrew Hicks, Business, Winter 2019

“Great experience and offered a great opportunity to explore Europe” Michael Boone, Business, Winter 2019

“Everything was excellent, loved my time and experiences at Harlow and made new friends for life!” Elissa Bieger, Business, Winter 2019

“An amazing adventure packed semester that will, forever, be the highlight of my degree. A life changing experience” Heather Elliott & Jasmine Kour, Business, Winter 2019

“Harlow was truly an amazing experience and I have created memories that I’ll remember forever” Colin Brockerville, Business, Winter 2019

“Studying at the Harlow Campus has been an extremely enriching opportunity. The facilities are great and the staff are very supportive. Thank you for allowing me to have this unique experience” Lauren Rolling, Pharmacy, Winter 2019

“Going to Harlow was a wonderful experience! The staff at the campus were very friendly and helpful. Food was great - lots of variety. Rooms nice. Everything you need is in walking distance from the campus and it’s close to the train station. I will value my experience forever!” Tiffany Tozer-Macmillan, Pharmacy, Winter 2018

“Harlow was by far the best experience of my degree. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, Brilliant!” Aidan Saccary, Music, Summer 2017

“10/10, would recommend for a friend!” Cleary Maddigan, Music, Summer 2017

“I could never have imagined how much I would love my time in Harlow. I fell in love with the town, the staff and the experience. I wish I could do it all over again” Erica Martin-Keough, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“It was an amazing experience for me. I not only learned so much about art and architecture but also learned more about myself. I recommend anyone to go if they ever get the chance” Kelsey Street, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“Harlow Campus / Harlow Trip 2017 has been one of the best experiences to date! Great accommodations and friendly staff. A beautiful opportunity to travel and learn new culture” Alyssa Leahy, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“Had an amazing time with all the amazing staff and people that make this experience possible” Marshall Borland, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“Although it was a long time coming, this was a trip of a lifetime!” Emma Jordan, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“This trip was absolutely the best experience of my life. I have learned and experienced and seen so much! Can’t thank Gerard enough for his efforts. Please go on this trip and have the time of your life” Emily Clarke, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“I had the best time here, the Campus is beautiful, the staff are friendly and the residence were clean and comfortable. It hardly felt like I was at school because I was having the time of my life. Would 100% recommend this school to anyone and think if people could afford it, they really should take the trip because it is worth every penny” Rebecca Walsh, Visual Arts, Spring 2017

“Absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. Having the chance to travel and study was great. If definitely changed my perspective” Shannon Anderson, Biology, Spring 2017

“Best experience of my life, I will treasure these memories forever” Emily Noel, Theatre, Film & Literature, Spring 2017

“My semester in Harlow is a semester I will never forget. There was so much kindness and experiences shared here. My family grew 20+ people since coming to study at the Harlow Campus” Hillary MacInnis, Theatre, Film & Literature, Spring 2017

“Easily one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I could definitely see myself moving here in the future! The friendly staff and beauty of this campus really create an absolutely unforgettable experience” Colin O’Keefe, Theatre, Film & Literature, Spring 2017

“Harlow was the most amazing experience of my life. I was hesitant about being away from home for so long since I have never done that before. However, I felt at home on Harlow Campus immediately. The rooms are clean and cosy, the staff go above and beyond for every student, and you feel very safe here. The food is fantastic and the quaint area which the campus is located in, is so picturesque and quiet - the perfect place to study. Best of all, it feels like coming home after long days of travel. Harlow campus was wonderful and I recommend everyone to go and experience it” Cassandra Bennett, Theatre, Film & Literature, Spring 2017

“This has been an amazing experience and helped me gain confidence travelling and learning independently” Sarah Livingstone, Theatre, Film & Literature, Spring 2017
“One of the best months of my life!! So thankful for this amazing experience and for all the wonderful staff at Harlow Campus who make it possible” Sarah Stirling, Music, Summer 2016

“Such lovely staff and the ideal location to base travels from” Tammy Rice, Theatre English, Spring 2016

“This semester in Harlow has been a once in a lifetime experience. I can genuinely say that I’ve become a more intelligent person. It’s been a wild trip and I am so grateful to the campus, it’s staff and the university for making Harlow feel like home. Thank you!” Amber Tremblett, Theatre English, Spring 2016

“Being at Harlow Campus was the experience of a lifetime. Having never lived on my own, I thought it would be scary, but it’s not. There are so many kind people watching out for you. I am so grateful to the group of wonderful people I had here with me. My greatest hope is that we stay in touch after this is all over. This is the best choice I have ever made” April Shepherd, Theatre English, Spring 2016

“Studying at the Harlow Campus has been the most amazing experience, so far, during my 3rd year of my undergraduate degree studies. It has been a once in a lifetime experience. Staff on campus always have a smile on their face and made my trip very enjoyable. I would recommend studying at the Harlow Campus to everyone who has the opportunity” Amanda Mansfield, Biology, Spring 2016

"One of the best months of my life!! So thankful for the amazing experience and for all the wonderful staff at Harlow Campus who make it possible."  Sarah Stirling, Music, Spring 2016

 "The experience of travelling to England and staying at Harlow Campus is something unlike any other.  It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you learn so much that will help you in the rest of your student career and life. there are no words to convey what an experience I've had all thanks to the Harlow Campus".  Emma Burry, Visual Arts, Spring 2016

"This trip was amazing! Learning about England and London was magical. It definitely has opened my eyes to big city life. I love Harlow, England and Europe, I want to becoeme a Citizen!! Whosoever reads this back home, you need to go! Best Uni experience ever".  Lee Power, Visual Arts, Spring 2016

"Coming to Harlow has been one of the best experiences of my life! being here opens so many doors to new possibilities and it is a beautiful place to be able to come and study. We are fortunate to have this campus as a part of Memorial University and I didn't realize how great of an experience coming over here would be until I got here".  Meghan Davis, Visual Arts, Spring 2016

"Studying at the Harlow Campus has been the most amazing experience so far during my 3rd year of undergraduate degree studies.  It has been a once in a lifetime experience.  Staff on campus always have a smile on their face and made my trip very enjoyable.  I would recommend studying at the Harlow Campus to everyone who has the opportunity."  Amanda Mansfield, Biology, Spring 2016

 "I had an incredible time during my stay at Harlow.  I was nervous to travel as this was my first time visitng the UK, but the staff at Harlow made it beyond enjoyable.  I enjoyed my classes, and loved the opportunity to travel.  I certainly recommend to all students.  Attending the Harlow Campus was an amazing experience."  Ashley Ryan, Business, Winter 2016

"Harlow was one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only did I get to study and live in England for 4 months, but I got to explore Europe.  the only wish I have is to have stayed longer."  Aaron Stone, Business, Winter 2016

 "I've had such a wonderful time at Harlow Campus that I've come twice!  Great opportunity, so thankful to get to return."  Jillian Fogarty, Education, Winter 2016

 "I had a fabulous time staying on MUN's Harlow Campus.  This was my second time here as part of a school program, I enjoyed the first time so much that I was eager to return!  All the staff here are so welcoming and friendly and Harlow is the perfect place to stay if you want to explore England or the rest of Europe.  I would 100% recommend a program here to anybody."  Jennifer Voisey, Pharmacy, Winter 2016

 "Having the chance to study at Harlow was not only the goal of my degree, but also the highlight.  The staff was fantastic, helpful and friendly.  The campus is beautiful, easily accessible to other cities (and countries!) and clean, comfortable and spacious.  I would recommend the experience to anyone.  I wish I could have stayed forever!"  Devon Macey, Consuming Cultures, Spring 2015

"Harlow was an amazing experience, it is something I will never forget.  The Harlow Campus makes you feel like you are right at home and Harlow is something I will definitely reccommend to everyone."  Sarah Connolly, Consuming Cultures, Spring 2015

"I learned more in a month at Harlow than I do a month in classes because we saw the information in action.  This trip puts a lot of new things into perspective and broadened my view not only in Biology but of the world."  Kayla Hollett, Biology, Spring 2015

 "I had an incredible time at Harlow!  The people that I met when I was over here, the experiences that I had, and the places I visited were incredible.  What I learned over here will last me a lifetime and I will never forget" Victoria Cave, Business, Winter 2015

"The Harlow Campus is such a wonderful way to see the world.  The adventures I've gone on these past few months have been amazing.  It was a great gateway to Europe.  Such a fulfilling experience."  Nicole Payette, Literary London, Fall 2014

"The Literary London program at the Harlow Campus was the best experience of my life so far.  I have grown and changed while living abroad.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. It was a blast"... "My time in Harlow really allowed me to grow as a person. I became more confident and independant as time went on. As well the experience was simply the greatest adventure of my life so far. I was able to do and see so much, all while making new friends. I would encourage anyone to study abroad in Harlow."  Literary London, Fall 2014

"Harlow Campus is a beautiful place with very friendly and helpful staff.  they make things a lot easier while you're over here......"  Vanessa Newell, Education, Fall 2014

"Last summer I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity when I enrolled in the Harlow Summer Abroad program. I had always wanted to travel to Europe, but it wasn't until I arrived in England that I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was about to experience. Through the Harlow program I made friends with people I would otherwise have probably never met; some which have changed my perception on many things in life. I was able to travel to Holland, Ireland and Greece, in addtion to many trips around England and amazing theatre performances. As it would be nearly impossible to summarize my entire trip in one paragraph, I will simply conclude that the Harlow program is an experience that everyone should avail of if given the opportunity; it is something that you will cherish and rememeber." Valerie Hodge, A Summer of Theatre in London, 2010

"Before we left for Harlow, one of our profs said: this trip is going to change your life. I rolled my eyes at this dramatic claim. He was completely correct. And the extent to which the trip has changed my life has reached far beyond the months of the program itself. Not only did the travel, theatre, adventures, and the amazing courses I took explode my mind, but the friends that I made have become some of my very best. There is no way to overstate the impact of a Harlow semester on your life. Do it." Melanie Oates, A Summer of Theatre in London, 2010

"The summer I spent in Harlow is a summer I'll never forget for as long as I live. The theatre I saw, the places I travelled, and the people I met will stay with me for as long as I live. Harlow is such a beautiful town, rich in history and culture, right out of a fairytale! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend five weeks there and I would go back in a heartbeat. Don't think twice about studying at the beautiful campus, it's an experience that every student should have! " Elizabeth Fahey, A Summer of Theatre in London, 2010

"I would rank going to Harlow as a pretty much essential part of going to MUN. It's an extremely unique atmosphere, which provides many opportunities. It's just a hop, skip and a jump away from London, and even the rest of Europe, so travelling is a breeze. But the Harlow area itself is great too, with no shortage of pubs, shopping, and other social opportunities. In short, Harlow's wicked. Do it up." Phillip Howell, Literary London, 2008

"Studying in Harlow was a life-changing experience. It was incredible to study English Literature on location in its historical setting. Living in Harlow allowed for an authentic living-abroad experience, while also allowing for exciting travel opportunities in and around the UK and Europe. Our class got to know each other quite well, and I have maintained close relationships with my fellow Harlow adventurers. My semester in Harlow was an amazing summer, and I would do it again in a heartbeat." Jillian Sexton, Literary London, 2008

"Having studied at Harlow twice, I can honestly say it has impacted my education in many ways. I feel like a more well-rounded and confident student, who has a lot of experience in my field. Being able to see the plays I have studied, explore the buildings where history lived and happened, and stand where great authors have stood and written, has been the absolute highlight of my university education. The Harlow experience offered ny Memorial is one of a kind - the ability to study Europe with Memorial's expertise and cost should not be missed! I loved it so much, I went back for a second time and I would certainly do it again." Kathryn Curran, English Cultural Landscape 2007 & Literary London 2008

"Harlow was a life changing experience full of unforgetable memories and even more unforgettable people. Once you arrive, the realization that the rest of Europe is only one Ryanair flight away will make the, "gateway to Europe", more than just a catch phrase. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel Europe and experience what makes these countries so great." Jeremy Burry, Political Science, 2006

"My time at Harlow Campus was an immensley rewarding experience. Teaching in another country gave me such a different perspective on the profession and practice. Pair this with the amazing cultural learning and travel opportunities, and I am left with a once in a lifetime experience that has enriched me as a student, as a teacher, and as an individual."
Megan Green, B Ed Primary/Elementary, 2005

"Harlow was an incredible enriching experience. Not only did I get course credit and immesion in culture, I got to travel economically to other parts of England and Europe with some of my newfound friends." Leslie Pierce, English Cultural Landscape, 2005

"When you first hear about Harlow, you may hear people say it was a life changing experience for them, and after completing a program there, I can't agree more. Being able to read novels by some of the most famous British authors, and then travelling to where they wrote them, or where parts of the novels take place, really was a once in a lifetime experience. As well, the friendships you make are the ones you will treasure for a long, long time. My time in Harlow honestly did change my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone else." Elizabeth Furey, Landscape and Literature, 2005