Getting ready

Once the program has been approved by the Dean's office or appropriate department,  professors/staff should then contact the General Manager of Harlow Campus to confirm the program dates and expected size of the group and notify them of the professors/staff that will be accompanying the group.

Harlow Campus staff can provide any support required for VISA issues for professors/staff and students if required.

It will be the responsibility of the professors/staff to block book the rooms for students and then provide Harlow with a list of room share allocations. Students can pay for their accommodations themselves when they arrive at Harlow, but this can also be paid in advance and included in the program fee, please speak to the General Manager for further information.

Before arriving at Harlow Campus trips and venues may need to be booked in advance. This can be done through Harlow Campus by providing all relevant details, size of the group, venue to be booked and transport required. Harlow can book and pay deposits or in full and then recharge the fees back to the Faculty/department. Harlow Campus can also book transfers to and from the Airport for all professors/staff and students. In addition to assistance with administration, when at Harlow programs can receive assistance with managing budgets, tracking and forecasting program costs.

Harlow Campus has a small library linked to the QEII in St John’s; Harlow’s Librarian is Crystal Rose, Grenfell Campus. Faculty/staff can request publications/books to be added to Harlow Campus’ library for use whilst in Harlow.