About Harlow

Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Harlow Campus is situated in the quaint, historic town of Old Harlow, Essex, UK. Harlow Campus is a study abroad centre for Memorial University students and offers specialized learning experiences and post-secondary programming.

Midway between London and Cambridge, Harlow is linked to both cities by road and mainline railway (approximately 40 minutes from each by rail).

The campus consists of a group of 19th century and older buildings. The main building is The Maltings, once used to dry grain, which now houses the administration offices as well as accommodation for 41 residents. It also contains a dining room, resources room, common room and laundry, as well as the Lord Taylor lecture room.

Harlow Campus is used by both professional schools and academic departments to offer programs and serves as a base for faculty members and graduate students conducting research or further study in the UK.

The Harlow Campus is featured heavily in Memorial University’s internationalization plan, which aims to provide an outstanding education, preparing graduates for the global workforce. Find out more about the internationalization plan and the future of Harlow Campus of Memorial University.

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