ARTS facing forward

Jan 30th, 2014

Janet Harron

ARTS facing forward

In honour of Face Forward: Memorial Up North, we've dipped into our arts news archives for a selection of stories on our past northern projects.  

In October 2013, Drs. Arn Keeling and John Sandlos co-hosted a workshop on extractive industries in the Arctic with the prestigious Rachel Carson Centre.

Rudy Riedlsperger, then a graduate student in the department of geography, presented a paper at the 2012 International Polar Year Conference on the importance and vulnerability of Labrador's northern trails.

What's more northern than polar bears? Dr. Alistair Bath's work on wildlife and human interactions stresses the importance of co-existence rather than conflict.

While she was the 2012 Labrador Institute post-doctoral fellow Rachel Hirsch worked on collaborative food security through a community freezer program.  The initiative continues to thrive two years later.