International Student Excellence Award

The International Student Excellence Award provides $5,000 to an international student in our faculty who demonstrates outstanding academic performance. 

This $5,000 scholarship is granted to a 2nd year HSS student, and is renewable for recipients’ third and fourth years of study, so long as the student maintains scholarship standing. This scholarship was first awarded in Fall 2019.

The aim of this award is to provide incentive for international students to apply to HSS, and to retain highly motivated and talented HSS international students. 

The scholarship will be awarded annually (as continued funding permits) at the annual HSS Dean’s List Award Ceremony.

Eligibility Criteria

All international undergraduate students are automatically eligible to be considered. Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be full-time undergraduate students entering their second year of study in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).
  2. Have completed 30 credit hours in their first year of study at Memorial University in HSS.
  3. Have achieved one of the top three GPAs of those undergraduate international students in HSS who have completed 30 credit hours.
  4. Have undergraduate scholarship standing.

Previous Recipients

  • Antonina Michalewicz (English)
  • Zainab Mehdee (German)
  • Dania Salah Youssef Elhaddar (Law & Society) 
  • Neelparnaa Neelparnaa (Criminology)
  • Gala Palavicini Jauregui (Political Science)
  • Aderinola Olamiju (Archaeology) 
  • Shantambi Wamunyima
  • Rand Al-Shujairi
  • Ksenia Kiseleva
  • Zeynep Uckuyu
  • Tanvi Vora
  • Frances Asuquo
  • Jean Brice Ryan Karghoo
  • Pajani Soobrayen