Dean's Awards

Graduate Supervision:
Diane Tye | Folklore

Distinguished Scholarship:
Sonja Boon | Gender Studies

Exceptional Service (Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty):
Maria Mayr | Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Exceptional Services to the Faculty (Staff):
Allison Carr | Managing editor, Memorial University Press

Teaching Excellence (Non-tenure):
Linda Cohen | Sociology

Teaching Excellence (Tenure Track Faculty):
Dr. Luke Ashworth | Political Science

Research Partner Award:
Raglan Mine Closure Plan Subcommittee

Peter Cashin Prize

Beverley Diamond:
On Record: Audio Recording, Mediation, and Citizenship in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Published Books and Volumes

Karine Abadie | Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures 

  • La Ruée vers l’or de Charlie Chaplin: Les films sélectionnés
  • Tangence, "La littérature de l’entre-deux-guerres à la conquête des images : entre exploration et appropriation"

Daniel Banoub | Geography

  • Fishing Measures: A Critique of Desk-Bound Reason

Mark Cumming, Editor | English

  • Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution, A History

Mary Dalton | English

  • The Vernacular Strain in Newfoundland Poetry

Beverley Diamond | Folklore

  • On Record: Audio Recording, Mediation, and Citizenship in Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • Transforming Ethnomusicology: Vol. 1 and Vol.2 

Sarah Gordon, Editor | Folklore

  • Journal of Folklore Research: Creating from the Margins: Precarity and the Study of Folklore, Vol. 58, No. 3

Max Liboiron | Geography

  • Pollution Is Colonialism

Marguerite MacKenzie, Editor | Linguistics
Julie Brittain, Translator | Linguistics:

  • Ka-nutachikwayan, When I hunted otters and other stories

Sean J. McGrath | Philosophy

  • The Philosophical Foundations of the Late Schelling: The Turn to the Positive.
  • Collected Essays in Speculative Philosophy (Ed.)

Lisa Moore, Ed. | English
Stephan Crocker, Ed. | Sociology

  • Muskrat Falls: How a Mega Dam Became a Predatory Formation

Lisa Moore, Ed. | English

  • Us, Now: Stories from the Quilted Collective

Nandy Pedri | English

  • A Concise Dictionary of Comics

Fiona Pollack, Ed. | English
Danine Farquharson, Ed. | English 

  • Cold Water Oil: Offshore Petroleum Cultures 

Rose Ricciardelli, Ed. | Sociology
Alan Hall, Ed. | Sociology 

  • Handbook of Posttraumatic Stress: Psychosocial, Cultural, and Biological Perspectives

Stephen Harold Riggins, Ed. | Sociology

  • Canadian Sociologists in the First Person

Arn Keeling | Geography
John Sandlos | History

  • Mining Country: A History of Canada’s Mines and Miners

Jennifer Selby, Ed. | Religious Studies

  • Producing Islam(s) in Canada: On Knowledge, Positionality and Politics

Diane Tye, Ed. | Folkore  

  • Digest: A Journal of Foodways and Culture: Food in Hard Times, Vol. 8, No 1 and 2

Lisa Jo van den Scott | Sociology

  • Qualitative Research in Action