A Fine Crowd 2016

AUTHORS (2014-15)

A Fine Crowd 2016

The publication of a book is often the culmination of many years of sustained research or concentrated creative energy. This annual event acknowledges the significant achievement of those who wrote or compiled/edited a volume.

(E) after author’s name indicates editor. (T) after author’s name indicates translator

Title Author
Geomorphology- Landscapes We Live In Norm Catto
Interactive Governance for Small-Scale Fisheries Ratana Chuenpagdee (E)
John Dewey’s Earlier Logical Theory James Scott Johnston
Teacher Education in a Transnational World James Scott Johnston (E)
Umayichis- a Naskapi Legend
Achan- Naskapi Giant Stories
Marguerite MacKenzie (E) and Julie Brittain (T)
Enlightening Encounters- Photography in Italian Literature Nancy Pedri (E)
Gender, Livelihood and Environment- How Women Manage Resources Marilyn Porter (E)
The Tourism Imaginary and Pilgrimages to the Edges of the World Sharon Roseman (E)
The Maritime World of the Anglo-Saxons William Schipper (E)
Patching Peace- Women’s Civil Society Organising in Northern Ireland Katherine Side
Why Did We Choose to Industrialize?- Montreal 1819-1849 Robert Sweeny
Ritual- A Very Short Introduction Barry Stephenson
Unsettling Assumptions- Tradition, Gender, Drag Diane Tye (E)
Modeling Cities and Regions as Complex Systems- From Theory to Planning Applications Roger White



Dean's Awards 2016

Award Recipient
Distinguished Scholarship Nancy Pedri, English
Graduate Supervision Larry Matthews, English
Exceptional Service to the Faculty Kelly Bromley-Brits
William J. Kirwin Award for Retiree Recognition Peter Ayres